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  1. Hi All, I recently purchased a JBL STX 828s dual 18" subwoofer. I'm currently powering it with a Crown XTi 6002 in bridged mono. The speaker power rating is 2000/4000/8000 (Continuous/Program/Peak) rated at 4 ohms. The XTi 6002 puts out 6000 watts at 4 ohms bridged. I spoke to JBL tech support and they told me that I'm overpowering the sub by 2000 watts at 6000 vs. The speaker program rating of 4000w. They recommended that I limit the power output. When I calculate the the voltage to limit, I get 126.5 volts (sqroot of 4000w x 4 ohms) - the problem is that the limiter on the 6002 only goes up to 100 volts on the limiter. Can someone please explain if the calculation jbl gave me is correct and also, if my amp configuration is correct. Thanks for the help!