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  1. I'm not very good at setting those things on my Xti2000, I just set it at Sub for the pair of 118 and DSP off on the regular 115 and 125 pairs when they are connected. I Actually upgrade my Speaker to a pair of Powered PRX 715, just to be safe. I tried the System architec.. dont know who to do it.. I have a Mac book pro. Thanks again for replying for my issue, I do love Crown and JBLs.. Im glad I have support. I recommend friends to Purchase JBLs and Crowns Products.
  2. I guess I got a sticky finger on the gain control, but i want to know my max so I wont go over. Weak Response I mean. the Bass dips down and the high distorts, red light indicator all lights up. I have to lower the volume for a bit to sound better. I'm assuming I'm stressing the XTi 2000, They are individually amped single channel for single speaker, Here is one scenarion: From rane TTM 57 to BBE 8821 Sonic Maximizer (Max Dial) 1 Xti2000 goes to 2 JBL JRX 118 on each channel but on sub bass only settings, and 1 Xti2000 goes to 2 JBL JRX 125 on DSP off, all dial on the amp is on max. Few hours later the bass dips down and highs are distorted.. Fans are spinning and working, All red lights up. Ear Fatigue maybe, I get sticky finger on the gain control, but i guess I don't know my cap limit.
  3. HI, I need a perfect setting for my Crown and JBL JRX combination. I have 2 Xti 2000 2 JBL JRX 115,118,125 I'm getting weak response after playing for a few hours, and start to distort. Please Help, Thanks.