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  1. can i get firmware for xti amps pleas
  2. hi anybody have latest firmware ? for xti amps? cant find on crown site thanks a lot
  3. thank u
  4. got cheap solution
  5. looool any chance anebody send me pisc of the colorcode of the r7 ? thanks
  6. no its not gona happen to buy cost 2 much in europe ,2/3 price of fully working one , i wish im in uk :D :D (joke) if i no get lvps goin amp will go to auction as spare repair
  7. this one is 4200a all on board r7 is on the side of the igbt heatsink i think it was 1W or 2W resistor thank u
  8. hi folks my cts 4200 died again and this time lvps so anybody have schematics of lvps? or value of the resistor r7 ? i know is easy buy new one but this amp eat enought money already
  9. hi i cant find on new webside where to check serial number of faulty series of the xti amps
  10. amp is back alive and works great thank u very much
  11. i think i will leave it alone
  12. i didn do anything with front panel this amp had short tracker module and output stages im waitin for power button so i dont want dismantled it again so maybe somebody had this problem before to save me find what is gone led's or resistors
  13. anybody have problem with backlight on xti amps ? first one amp on pics
  14. oo thank u very much
  15. this amp is on 120 v and was pluged in to 240v thats why shee blow smps so there i couple resistors and jumper to change to be work on 240v but is 2 options to put amp in to sml and med mode so i have no idea what is that mean