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  1. If I leave it on smoke starts to come out of the side the power plug is on.
  2. Can these amps be powered up with no speakers connected? I pulled the amp out of the rack and powered it up on the bench with no load and it flashes fault and clip.
  3. I just went to test it out and when I turn it on I get no sound at all and the Ready lights are off, but the number 2 ready light and the data light on the back side are on but barley visible unless you get real close to see them.
  4. CTS1200 just started emitting static from both channels with and without audio playing. I switched speakers to another CTS1200 and they work fine. Any ideas on what would cause the static?
  5. Can I check the voltage form the top or do I have to pull out the board and check from the bottom.
  6. It came with the standard card but I switched it out for the PIP Lite. I have it on the bench now I'll check the heat sinks and c933.
  7. The blue light stays steady, the amber Data light continuously blinks.
  8. When I took the cover off the amp I noticed there are 2 3-way switches, one for each channel. The one for channel 2 was switched down, I moved it back to the middle position like channel 1 and the speaker stopped pulsating and seems to be normal again.
  9. I have a Cts600 which stopped working (no audio output), the ready lights do not come on even with a known good piplite card. The power light stays on and the data light flashes.
  10. Even with the original CTS PIP 2 x 3 pin Euro connector card installed the output of channel 2 pulses the speaker diaphram in and out an abnormal amount.
  11. I put PIP Lite card from another amp into the amp and I get audio from both channels however I think ch2 still has another issue. When I plug a speaker into ch2 the sound is softer and you can see the diaphragm of the speaker move in and out a substantial amount compared to ch1 where the speaker is louder and the diaphragm just vibrates like normal. Any ideas?
  12. I removed the PIP card and the ready indicators both came on, I put the BBY card in and got audio from both outputs. So it looks like the PIP card is bad.
  13. I have a Cts1200 and I get no audio out of channel 1. Channel 2 works fine, I switched the inputs for channel 1 and 2 and still nothing. I reset the PIP card with the small button on the back. Any ideas on what could cause this issue?