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  1. There is something which we can learn.
  2. Then I'd start looking at what was on the power circuit with me that would come on at apparently random intervals: refrigerator, freezer, air conditioner, fluorescent lights, dimmer switches, and anything else that could cause a quick power spike or loss in the circuit your amp is plugged into.
  3. The term‚ "70V system" relates to the maximum output voltage of the amplifier. 100V is the more common voltage used in Europe, 70V commonly in the United States. Although 25v, it should be mentioned, does have its uses and produces full output at 25 volts RMS and therefore falls below UBC or other regulatory installation requirements.
  4. You have describe it very well. I really appriciate your thoughts.
  5. Well, I am using same wire for my system and it creates lots of noies. I think we can not use it. There should be some different wire for it.
  6. In my experience, floor mics can be very difficult to use. When you use them, try to place them as far downstage as any action goes, so that nobody steps on them, but as close to the actors as you can get. As far as numbers and spacing, use an odd number if you can (with one in the center of the stage), and use as few as you can so you can avoid phasing issues. Otherwise, just set the gain carefully and mix carefully, and you should get decent sound out of them with a minimum of feedback.