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  1. New Crown X series amps.

    Sorry for the delay in me seeing these recent posts. The X 4000 is exactly the same amp as the XLI3500. The X series models are distributed through the Guitar Center/Musicians Friend group of companies - The XLI series is sold everywhere else - in the USA also. The amp weighs 43 lbs so it is quite heavy. I dont own the amp anymore and didn't own it for very long - not because I didn't like it but my system grew to the extent where I needed bigger amps so I sold it. These amps are very under-estimated and have not sold well which is a shame. Good amps, good price - a little heavy but solid . I believe they are AB amps - definitely not class D.
  2. XTI 4002 limiter setting

    Thank you for the response Dakos. However, I am not understanding the formula used here: The XTI takes dBfs units and not dB or dBu, dBfs units are relative to the amps max power, the maximum power output of the XTI is 650W, that equals 0 dBfs. Your speakers are continuous (RMS) 250W (pgm 500W, peak 1000W), from here it's just a plain dB ratio formula, you get: 10 X Log(P1/P2)=10XLog(250/650)= -4.15 dBfs. The last part doesn't make sense to me even using the OP amp ratings. I tried the math but cannot get the same result. I need gentle guidance !!!
  3. I am never really sure where to set my limiters and was hoping I could get some help?????. I have been using my XTI4002 in stereo for my 2 SRX 715s. I'd like to have the option of using the amp bridged into 4 ohms on occasion when I need just a little more headroom (this has only happened once -we play small venues). I use a DRPA also. What limiter settings should I use to protect my speakers increasing from 650w per side to 1600w per side (in theory)? DBX DRPA+ 2 x XLS2000 (bridged) - SRX718 1 x XTI 4002 - SRX715 (mid) 1 x Carvin HT760 - SRX715 (horns) Thank you in advance !!!!
  4. The Crown specs indicate that the XLI series amps are not stable at 2 ohms or 4 ohm bridged. I own one and called Crown to confirm for myself. 8 ohms is fine.
  5. New Crown X series amps.

    Thanks Deromax for the reply. I knew there had to be more to it than that!!, The reason I asked was because I knew the difference shouldn't be that noticeable at 3db. ProbIem is I don't know how to measure the SPL with a meter. Do I simply purchase one and is it easy to use? Also, the input sensitivity was set at 1.4v on both amps so that didn't change anything. I suppose the bottom line is that I like the sound of the amp, It has clarity and thump and measuring it is a moot point if it does the job - right???
  6. New Crown X series amps.

    So I was finally able to do a side by side comparison of my XTI4002 and the X4000. I had 2 other people listen with me and with exactly the same input source - my ipod in mono, through the same mixer, I connected left channel of mixer to left channel of XTI and the right channel to the right channel of the X4000. Then one channel of each amp to one speaker each. Sound quality wise, we could hear so little difference, it wasn't worthy of comment. I thought it would be a little more obvious that that especially as they are very different amps according to what I have been told by Crown. What surprised me though was that although into 8 ohms, the XTI gives 650w and the X4000 gives 1000w, the X4000 was MUCH louder!! With gain set at 2 o'clock on the XTI, I had to turn down the X4000 to 9 o'clock to hear the same volume. I didn't think that it would be that different. Does that sound right and was it a fair comparison????
  7. New Crown X series amps.

    Thanks Guys....I always appreciate the time you spend helping us newbie types. I continue to learn. I'll upgrade the system as time goes by and money allows.....till then, I'll try different configurations with what I have till I get close to what I want...
  8. New Crown X series amps.

    Thank you for your help. FYI... I use one srx715 per side and one srx 718 per side. I bi-amp the 715's. I use an older Carvin HT760 to power the highs, Crown XTI4002 to power the mids and 1 x Crown XLS2000 bridged per side (2 total) for the lows. This works really well but I was trying to get the most out of the mids by adding a bigger amp. The XTI4002 is 650w per side and the X4000 is 1000w per side. Also, I could try other combinations to get more power. I probably don't NEED another amp but it was such a good price and I got a bit carried away to be honest!! I have never had power issues in the past and quite frankly I have tried to steer clear of amps that draw 20amps simply because of the horror stories I have read. I'd rather be safe than sorry. I never need crazy levels and I have plenty of headroom. Even though the mids are maybe underpowered a little, they never seem to lack for volume. Thank you for putting me straight about the .775v , 1.4v thing. I read it somewhere.....gotta stop believing everything I hear!!! (unless it comes from you guys of course ha ha)
  9. New Crown X series amps.

    Nor do I..... Sorry I threw that out there and confused you. The only reason I mentioned that was because I thought they were connected. My other amps are 1.4v and I figured it made sense that this was one of the factors that determines a 15 amp or 20 amp draw. My main concern is dealing with a 20 amp draw in the average bar or club situation. Do you think it will cause problems? Would I be better off returning the amp for another XTI or XLS style amp to avoid tripping fuses?
  10. New Crown X series amps.

    One last thing I forgot to mention. It comes with a 20 amp cable. Will this be a problem if switched to 1.4v (it is switchable to .775v)??? I am used to the XTI's and XLS's where this isn't a problem. I wasn't aware of this till the amp arrived. I have been told it is due to the conventional transformer power supply. I didn't use it at the weekend because I was unsure of the 20 amp thing. Don't want any issues in bars and similar.
  11. New Crown X series amps.

    Understood. My cables are pretty nice - although 12 gauge I think - all neutrik connectors. I'll try it thie weekend and see how it goes...thanks again!!!
  12. New Crown X series amps.

    So, I took your advice Dakos and called Crown technical support today. Really nice guy!!! I spent way too long on the phone with him and he couldn't have been more helpful. I found out that the X series amps are exactly the same as the XLI's but made specifically for the Guitar Center/ Musicians Friend group. Also that although the XLI series only carries 1 year warranty, the X series carries 3 - explained to me to be a courtesy to the group as such a big customer. The amp itself is older technology and heavier than the likes of the XLS and XTI's etc. He said the X series is 'bare bones'. I was advised to use it on my subs rather than the mids as it is a little 'dirtier' than the newer style amps. I also got the impression that although according to the reviews I was able to find online indicating these amps are very well received, I might be taking a step backward from my XLS's and XTI that I use currently. Value for money - I believe they are a good deal especially as I only paid $599 on the 'Deal of the day' . I read someone saying that they are XTI's without DSP but the rep said they are certainly not. I don't know much about the science behind amplifiers but I got the distinct impression that these are old school. He suggested as I have already paid for mine and it is on its way, I should at least try it out and I might like it. He says It will have a different sound to my XTI. He seemed very knowledgeable but a lot of what he said went over my head a little bit. I did learn about damping factors and learned the X series is not very high. Is also does not bridge at 4 ohms ( not my plan anyway) or go down to 2 ohms stereo. I wish I could explain things better and be more informative but I hope this helps anyone looking at these amps.....
  13. New Crown X series amps.

    Correction....specs do correspond to the XLI 3500 according to the manual I was able to pull up. I wonder why the info is not readily available as it is with all other products.
  14. New Crown X series amps.

    Thanks Dakos. I just checked out the Crown website again - this time UK and rest of the world under 'select your region' but still no luck. I came across a comment online from a google search indicating that is is part of the XLI series but the specs do not correspond. Aesthetic design looks the same apart from the color.