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  1. Mono feed split to 2 separate loads. Last night I switched the amp to Input Y mode and tuned off DSP. I think that is what I want.
  2. One more question for you Tom if that is okay. I'm running the kick and bass guitar out of an AUX Out from my mixer through a crossover then onto the XTI 4000 in to Ch.1. Right now I have DSP set "Bridge-Subs" and each sub out in ch. 1 and ch. 2. I'm being told that is an overload to my 400 watt subs and that I should turn DSP off and set the DSP Processes to Input Y. As you can tell, I am thoroughly confused.
  3. Thanks for the help! I couldn't afford that model compressor so I went with a DBX 266xs.
  4. I use a XTI 4000 for (2) EV T-18 subs, they are rated at 400 watt. I use an AUX out on my A&H mixer to a crossover set at 100hz, then to the Crown. I use the "Sub-bridge" DSP setting so I only input on channel 1 and connect each sub to Ch1 and Ch 2. Whenever the kick is hit, the amp clips. I have the volume on the Crown almost maxed. When I check the gain structure on the kick channel strip is doesn't seem to clip I cannot get this fixed. any help would be appreciated. Thank you.