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  1. You should be good the XLS 1500 puts out 1550 at 4 ohm bridge and if you parrell the sub they will be at 800 watts and 4 ohms so the crown will work and give you some head room.
  2. Got it thanks guess just have to do the conversion
  3. Does anyone know how to change the C to F when you bring up the XTi4002 line voltage and temp in System Arch
  4. Yes they are
  5. The continuos power rating for each sub is 700rms 1400 program 2800 peak so being that the continuos is 700 that would be like 3 times the amount of power or are you refering to the program power of 1400 that i would need 3 times that amount which would put me way over my peak of the sub.
  6. the two cabinet together are 4ohms and handle 2800-3200 they are 8 ohm cabinets i have them parrelled
  7. I have 2 peavey SP118s and just purchased a XTI 4002 both sub drivers have been upgraded to handle 2800-3200 program power do i even need to run the limiter and if so what would a recommened setting be amp is config input set at Y and Bridge mono.