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  1. right so its half the damping factor when its bridged mate
  2. hello im running my k2 bridged . will the 3000 damping factor double or will it be half . and are the pots easy to replace thank you
  3. hello the sleep circuits is bypessed . i got the crown k2 for runing my subs on my ht system and i found that the sleep circiuts would activate and deactivate . very frustrating when watching a movie so i bypassed it .so you are suggesting that if i run it on a higher level it will run more efficient and not run as hot . have youn heard of any one water cooling the crown k series . thank you for youre input
  4. how hot ?30 deg celcius , 40,50,100?? by touch feeling this is hard to say if it is running hot. Those amp are convection cooled will feel hotter than a air cooled one. I would say if doesn't go in protection you are golden unless you get a meter to check the actual temperature to confirm other wise. thank you for you responce stephane . my k2 has not cut out well not yet anyway.i will put a thermometer on it and see how hot it gets . what do you think the temp shoud stay at .thank you
  5. wanted crown studio referance .
  6. hello i need 2 new volume pots for my crown k2 can any one help me out on this ... please
  7. hello im new to the forum .. i just bought a crown k2 for runing my sub at 2 ohms . but the first time i noticed it was running hot . is this normal for the k2 or has mine got a fault on it ..i love the bass out of the k2 its got a great sound on the bass could some one help me please thank you