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  1. Thanks.. I appreciate the info. I have two of the DC300A running at 4 ohms bridged each driving one full range cab rated at 500w program. These amps came from different places, so I doubt they are modified in any way to create higher output. The only mod I know of is in one that is an earlier model, without the bridge / mono switch. I went in and did the internal bridge connections myself, other than that I did not see anything to indicate additional mods. So, do we measure output wattage differently these days?----I assume the DC300 driven at that 4 ohm bridged load will produce an output of approx. 550-600w. Am I under calculating the output?
  2. Kevin, Not sure I fully understand the sensitivity setting---"Note that lower sensitivity values will increase the level of output for any given input." So the XLS 802D is rated for a sensitivity if 1.25v, but the DC 300 A has an input sensitivity setting of 1.75v. So if I keep my levels constant prior to the amplifier inputs, shouldn't the 802 be "louder" with the lower sensitivity value? Can the input voltage be measured with a standard digital volt meter? Is this measuring the signal output of the crossover? How long will the DC300 A hold up running the 4 ohm bridge load.....will this be stable as long as I can keep them cooled sufficiently?
  3. Hello, I have a few DC 300A amps and a year ago purchased a XLS 802 so I could run 4 ohm full range cabs with enough power in stereo mode without overworking the DC 300s in mono mode running a 4 ohm load. ( I do realize that the DC 300 is not spec'd to run @ 4 ohms mono, it does get hot) If the XLS 802 is rated at 800w @ 4ohms, I do not understand why it is much quieter than a DC 300A run in mono with a 4 ohm load. Even at 4 ohms, the DC300 should not put out 800w, and it is still much louder than the 802? I am running these to Community full range cabs rated at 200 rms / 500 program. Am I missing something, or do we measure output ratings differently from amp to amp? Duke