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  1. Are you using a sine wave input? Yes, we are using a sine wave input What voltage and frequency is the input signal, and what input jack are you using? U=0.7V F=1Khz Are you using a power resistor? Yes, we are using a power resistor How are you measuring power? P=(U*U)/R sticker on back side of amp is 350W, what is it mean? http://xmages.net/i/3139369 Thx.
  2. I have bought Crown XLS 2000 and too disappointed! Because it's real power is around 300W per channel (with 4 Oms per ch.) I've measured it with oscillograph and tester. Why the info on the official site differs from real? Minimum Guaranteed Power XLS 2000 Stereo, 4 ohms (per ch.) 650W http://www.crownaudio.com/amp_htm/xls_drivecore. Please explain my amp is broken or the information on the site is absolutely incorrect? Many thanks for help!
  3. Give me please schematic for this amp?
  4. Hello! I Bought CROWN XLS 2000, 110V gear from USA. But in my country we have 220V 50Hz. How I can change this? Is it possible to convert? Many Thanks for help!