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  1. Thanks for the respond. I do plan to purchase 2 sp118 cabinets rated 600watts cont, 1200watts program and 2400watts peak. What would be the best amp to purchase. Thanks again,
  2. pOU Thanks for responing so soon this will help me very much. I also will be purchasing 2 sp-118 what AMP do you think would best work they are rated 600watts continuos,1200watts program and 2400watts peak Thanks again,
  3. I have a pair of peavey sp-2 and I would like to get the proper amp for them. I have no knowlege on what crown amp to buy. I don't understand all this xti and xls. I just what to get the fullnest of the speakers. The speakers are rated at 500 rms, 1000 watt program and 2000 watt peak. Just looking for the best direction before I make an envestment. Thanks,