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  1. Thanks Tom.
  2. Kevin, I got my switch and hooked up both my itechs. They both come up in the SA windo. I can't figure out how to open both amp face panels so I can monitor both amps at the same time.
  3. I just received my Itech 6000 back from service for the same issues. They did not state what they fixed. Would be nice to know what was wrong with it. Can you find out for me Kevin? serial # is 8001372191 Also I just bought a 4000 and it was last bench tested in April 2011, serial#8001459016. I want to get it into service before the warranty runs out. Thanks
  4. Is it possible to monitor 2 Itechs on one computer? My laptop only has one cat 5 plug in. Would a 2 port RJ 45 splitter work for this?
  5. Why didn't they fix it? To spend that amount of money twice on a product and not have it work properly is crazy!
  6. This morning I decided to plug the amp in to see if there was life. It powered up, screen came on with my preset and the fan started to run high speed with no load. At this point I am scratching my head. Anyone out there?
  7. The Itech died tonight at the show. Thank god I had my backup. It is still under warranty so I will be sending it back soon.
  8. This is the second gig in a row where after about 2 hours of playing and everything fine all of a sudden both channel outputs start clipping like crazy. There is no audible clipping but SA and the amp show clipping, going right from the signal led to the clip led skipping -20 and -10 db leds on the amp. Any thoughts? System itech 6000 Channel 1: 2 srx 712's rms limiter set at 500w peak limiter set at 110v Hp filter set at 90Hz Channel 2 : 2 srx 718's rms limtier set at 1000w peak limiter set at 120v HP filter set at 31Hz Voltage reading was between 117v and 118v
  9. Kevin. I only have clip problems with the channel running my SRX 712's. My peak limiter is set at 110v. Should I dissable the peak limiter when the venues power situation is less than desirable?
  10. After further thought could fluctuating voltage from the power supply cause this to happen with a sudden sag? I had to run 50' of 12 gauge cable to run the amp. The organizer of event assured me it was a dedicated 20 amp supply.
  11. I was doing a show last weekend. Everything going fine. Levels good on the mixer, sound good, then I see in SA that the outputs are clipping constantly. This happened 2 times during a 4 hour show. It would show the amp clipping and then stop suddenly. I checked the amp and the red clip light was flashing. There was no audible clipping and the sound was fine. A total of 30 clip errors on Channel 1 driving my SRX 712's. Any ideas?
  12. Yes the amp is unlocked. Pressing the 3 buttons on the front at the same time does nothing. Is there another way to access the fan modes? It seems that when I connect with SA and load a preset the fan issue starts. When I did the update and erased all my presets anddissconnected from SA, there was no issue from the fan.
  13. It was updated recently and I just tried it again. When it went to re boot the fan stoped. After the update the fan kick on again and stays on. Here is the serial if this helps 8001372191
  14. Any other suggestions? I got a gig coming up and wondering if I should use the amp.
  15. When I press all the buttons it says lockout on the menu screen. The fan is alos coming on when no load is present. It is loud and annoying.