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  1. Thank you very much!
  2. Sorry. It was late when I posted this. I'll see if I can clarify. I'm using this for a bass amp. I am confused on this a bit but, first off, 8 speakers 4 per side, the amps outputs 775 w at 2 ohms, that is less than 100 watts per cabinet, depending on the cabinet, DANGER MR BILL I am using two 2x10 4 OHM speaker cabinets per side. Are you asking if one input can be sent to both sides of the amp?? Yes. My preamp has only one full range output that I want to use. I don't want to use a crossover, or low pass, or high pass -just full range into channel 1 and channel 2. You can run a mono signal to each side of the amp when it is in stereo so dont get the terms confused This exactly what I want to do. How do I do this? What we really need is a complete picture of what you are doing, what cabinets do you have, the use for this, As far as getting your full range signal to both sides of the amp, they allow you to link the two inputs via the input Y mode so ativate that and signal will go to both sides of the amp and if you cannot figure that out, just input the signal to the amp on the either the 1/4 inch or the XLR input, if you use the 1/4 inch, use a mic cord and jumper from one XLR to the the other one, (you may need a turn around to do this ) So I can use the full range output from my preamp, XLR into channel 1 and then use the 1/4 inch from channel 1 and link it into channel 2 XLR? Thanks for your help.
  3. I just bought a XLS1500 and I want to run it full range from the alembic f1x. Can I use a Y-cord? Can I use the Bridge mode and then not bridge the speakers? This what I'm doing- I have one output ( full range ) coming from the alembic into channel 1 of the xls1500. I have a 2 OHM load on Channel 1 and a 2 OHM load on chanel 2. I want to have a full range signal on all 8 speakers. Can anyone help with this? Make it simple so I can understand it. Thanks.