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  1. okay I did a few gigs this weekend and thank god it was a small venue due to my subs lack of performance. Here are a few settings that the amps have and i just wanted to know if they are correct. I have a post on the dbx forum but wanted to know your thoughts on the amp settings. XTI - 4000 set gains at 57% The "DSP OFF" icon is lit and the "custom" icon is lit XTI - 6000 set gains to 75% The "DSP OFF" icon is lit and the "preset" icon is lit Everyone tells me this amp will rock the subs but have found no such proof of this at all. On the XTI - 4000 I have a pair of JBL525's On the XTI - 6000 I have a pair of JBL528's
  2. Okay.... I ran the DRPA and the tops sound great but my subs are almost non existant in the sound, so I ran the eq wizard again and used the "dj" setting rather than the flat and they did start to come alive but are much lower than the tops at this point. The mic was about 3 foot off of the ground on a stand and the XTI 6000 is set at 75% while the top amp is set at 57%. I have not messed with the comp / limiter and have not touched the subharmonic either. The xover is set at the tunings for the speakers. Is there something I am missing? I did take a peek at the geq settings and the bass side seems to be set low on the conservative side. Is it time to make manual adjustments?
  3. You information is very valuable! I have been a DJ (for someone else) for a lot of years and have now branched off on my own now that I have purchased the equipment. I am a solo act for now and cannot tell you how much respect I have for the sound guy I use to work with. Due to the lack of experiance in the freq settings and sound is the reason for going with the drive rack. I will continue to play with band manager and maybe sometime soon can play without it. Sound is very important to me and my customers of course and I don't want to dissapoint while I am learning. again, many thanks! DJ C
  4. Looking at the diff downloads, should I go with System Architect or Band Manager? Any freq setting to get me close would be greatly appreciated, I have a venue that is going to let me set up and tune my system and play around with getting the drive rack set up but need to get everything as close as I can before I get thier. Also on System Arch or Band Mgr. should I leave the eq flat since the drive rack has the eq?
  5. I am in Victoria Texas, I will follow your advice and will keep you posted on how everything goes. I really appreciate the help as I am a good DJ but lack experiance in setting up on the digital side. So far I am happy with the Crowns and the JBL's even though I had some folks trying to talk me in another direction. They have even admitted that so far it sounds great. You mentioned that I was under powered with the XTI 4000, what would you suggest, we plan on purchasing some back up amps in the second quarter of 2011.
  6. I have recently purchased the following equipment and needed some suggestions on setting the amps up before running the Drive Rack. 2 - JBLMRX - 525's dual 15's with one XTI 4000 2 - JBLMRX - 528's dual 18's with one XTI 6000 DBX PA+ The person that promised me he would help me out if I bought this equipment has not come through with any freq or any setting or anything else for that matter. If you need any more information about the board I am running or sound card just let me know. I have run Crown XLS amps in the past and controled everything from a racked crossover but with the new equipment I would really like some input from someone with more experiance. Thanks, DJ C