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  1. Hi http://www.crownaudio.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=3709 change the fan !!! Now the fan noise is inaudible !!! ciao Stefano
  2. the low velocity fan Crown part C 6594-3 mounted : the noise is decreased to 71-72 db to 56-57 db... now no longer hear the fan noise... but now hear the noise of power transformers !!!! However now the 2402 is suitable for home use.. ciao everyone and thanks at Kevin Heber
  3. The fan arrived...
  4. what could be the solution to reduce the fan noise? just change the original high velocity fan with the low velocity fan ? (I ordered the low velocity fan Crown part C 6594-3...) ps why call the fan C 6594-3 "low velocity fan" if the speed of rotation does not change? thanks Stefano
  5. but only use at home,sub reflex with 21"-100db-1w-1mt-4 ohm nominal, the max power is 100-200 watt to 4 ohm is possible reduce the fan voltage ? and how? with a simple resistor or a resistive divider? thanks Stefano
  6. Ciao George kindly let me know what your friend , Rocket Scientist ,says... Stefano
  7. the alternative or in addition is attenuating the tension that arrives to the fan ? thanks Stefano
  8. Ciao George perhaps the alternative is attenuating the tension that arrives to the fan... Stefano
  9. http://www.crownaudio.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=3709 ciao Stefano
  10. Hi the price of replacement fan Crown part C 6594-3 is approximately $ 3-4 , I think it's just the plastic fan... then does not change the fan speed, but only a plastic fan profile less noisy.. it is corrected? thanks Stefano
  11. thanks Stefano
  12. fan noise is too loud !! In operation manual I found this : 5.3.2 cooling fan options : Macro-tech amplifier has a high velocity fan. There is a optional replacement fan is Crown part C 6594-3 is a quieter low velocity fan . is available? thanks Stefano ps my 2402 is 220 v version