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  1. That was it the two 340 Ohm resistors R147 and R148. Thanks again Kip.
  2. Thanks Kip for the replay. I'm not at work but will do the measurements tomorrow and i will let you know. Now about the PNP and NPN MJ's common +/-30V ... the Xti 2000, 3000 and 4000 has a lot of other components which controls power distribution to the MJ but are missing from the Xti 1000. Anyway i will check everything tomorrow and let you know what's going on. Thanks again.
  3. Hy. I have a XTi 1000 on my bench for 3 days now and i cant figure out why the power MJ's get very hot for no reason. When the amp first came the MJE's exploded and the 3 diods next to the MJE 15033 shorted. I changed the broken components and the amp works but in just a minute the MJ's all 6 of them on channel 1 get realy hot and Thermal led comes on. I noticed that the MJ's PNP and NPN are shorted between each other channel 1 and channel 2 with some jumpers and i'm thinking there might be some feed-back between the channels. Is there a update to the schematic or someting i could do to stop this from happening ? Thank you. I want to note that the display board is not the problem and all 6 MJ's had been changed just to make sure.
  4. BBY P.I.P Card
  5. Hy i have a big problem with two CTs 1200 The power LED is ok but READY does not come on.