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  1. XLS or XTi for hi-fi use?

    Hallo! I would go with XLS instead of XTi. The XTi is more for sound reinforcement and you will have more "ppssshhhhhh" sound from the tweeter with XTi. The XLS is perfect for hifi use. But, I am using a MA5000i in my hifi system and there is no "ppssshhhhhh" sound.
  2. Hallo! I have Crown DCi 2/600N and also have this feature. In this amp the sleep mode is controlled via System Architect. Don't now if it is the same for XLS 2502 amp via menu display. On my pre amp I have power control cable of type mini jack 3,5mm. With this cable I connect it to my amp(AUX) and when I turn ON from Output 1 on my preamp the Crown turns ON as well. When I have my Crown ON and no signal present then the amplifier goes into Sleep Mode, adjusted for 1 hour via System Architect. In this case the Amplifer does not turn OFF, the voltage rails inside the amp turns OFF. Only when I turn ON/OFF from my preamp the Amplifer does the same(like if the ON/OFF push button from front panel is used) It was a little bit tricky at first to make it work, I think I had my Crown in OFF position and then connected the minijack cable to turn it ON and from there it worked via my preamplifer ON/OFF. If my memory serves me right.
  3. Crown DCi 2/600N

    Hallo! I contacted the Crown support and talk to a nice guy and he told me that there is no "Input Compressor" on these amplifiers and maybe never will be. Some sort of printing error on that "Data Sheet". I coulden't agree more. We talkt about LevelMax limiters instead and here I understand perfectly Anyway, as I said before, very satisfied with this amp. Thanks
  4. Crown DCi 2/600N

    Hi Alain Yes, I have the latest firmware AA 1.40.1 and my current version and available version is for that amp The icon or button for the Input Compressor isin't there.
  5. Hallo! First of all I have to say that I am very satisfied with this amp running with my JBL 4429 speakers. But, I have some question? When I read the data sheet on "Features" and on "Digital Signal Processing (DSP) features included" in this link http://www.crownaudi..._101113_Int.pdf it say's that there is "Input Compressor" Well, I have to say that I don't find it anywhere on my AudioArchitect. Everything is there exept for Input Compressor. and LevelMax limiters for Input and Outputs? Don't find any Input Limiters as well. Do I miss something here or will there be an update? I would like to have more info on this, Thanks.
  6. Why can't I post in this forum?

    1. dakos


      Are you still unable to post?

    2. Mctwins


      Thanks Dakos, I think I can post now. I will give it a try. Don't know what when't wrong and the reason I coulden't post.


  7. INPUT ''Y''

    YES I have the MAi5000 and dbx260. I dont understand why OP have to use both output 5 and 6 from 260 in mono and use 2 cables to the amp and run it in stereo??? There is a feature in MAi called Y-link, just use it. Thanks
  8. INPUT ''Y''

    Hi I don't understand what you are doing, why use the y-link on MAi in the first place?? I will wait for your reply. Thanks
  9. XLS drivecore

    So, in RCA and XLR it is 1,4Volts. Is this the same as in +4 dBu. If I have a preamp that has RCA and 0,775 Volts as standard then this means that I cant get full power from the amp?? Can this be correct?? Thanks
  10. INPUT ''Y''

    If you were working in stereo, then you will notice a difference, more notably in sound quality rather then pure SPL. Iv'e posted a question for you on DBX Forums. The big question here is where the subs are placed. The tops on the subs left and right or subs together in the middle to take advantage of mutual coupling. The OP have to give the right info about the setup. Thanks Thanks
  11. INPUT ''Y''

    I allready gave the answer. Thanks
  12. INPUT ''Y''

    In Y Mode, the amp takes the signal from channel 1 and puts it into both channels of the amp, this way only the volume control knob of channel one controls the volume of the whole amp. Output is on both speakons. If you need both channels (5 and 6) then Y Mode is not for you... What you need to do is use signal summing for channels 5 and 6 on the DR260 (you have this feature), now it doesn't matter if the amp is on dual mode (stereo) or Y Mode. I totally missed this one. In Y mode on MAi you put the cable to ch1 and you CAN adjust the knobs independently. I think you are refering to bridge config. Thanks
  13. INPUT ''Y''

    Ok, I will look into it. But I have checked via GUI snd using wizard and there is sure no indication if it is A+B, stereo or A and B, only what output you want, stereo or mono if using the presets or custom. If one is using JRX speakers and crown amps via presets, and have mono sub and two tops. Then it is stereo in and stereo out to the tops and mono out to sub. How do I know if it is A+B stereo or A and B for the subs??? I will check via panel off course. Thanks
  14. XLS drivecore

    Maybe I should wrote Kevin Heber. You refer to another Kevin. Why the abandoned by the tech support. Thanks