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  1. I'm running a set of Peavey SP2G speakers in stereo on a Crown XTi4000. Is there a preset file available for these speakers?
  2. I pulled a working CTS2000 out of my club before I sold it. The amp worked fine when it was removed and has been riding around in the van for the past couple months. Now when I try to power it up the front leds pulse and there's a high pitch chirp coming from inside. Could this just be a loose connector or cold solder joint? Anyone have any ideas on what I should check?
  3. I have a Crown XLS 602D that just quit running on me the other night. I checked the circuit breaker was popped as well. Today I popped the top reset the breaker and powered it up. No lights, nothing. It seems R22 and PTC2 heat up immediately to extreme temperatures. It also looks as if R21 got fairly hot at one time as well. Transformer voltages are in spec. Would this mean I may have fried some of the output transistors? I had an XLS602D that was connected to too small of a load and burned them up, but that one still powered on and went into fault mode...