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  1. My band currently runs 2 sp5s with a xti4000 in stereo and 2 mrx518 with xti4000 in stereo. We have not been able to get the thump that we would like. This weekend we had a new sound guy setup our system. He ran the pair of mrx518 in bridged mono with the xti4000 not realizing they are 4 ohm cabs (assumed they were 8). The combo performed well and produced the thump we were looking for. After the show I started researching and realized the mistake (I assumed they were 8 ohm also). Has anybody done this before and what potential harm did we do. Also what can we do to the system to get more thump? Thanks
  2. My band is a 4 piece Southern Rock/ Texas Country band. We mic all drums, di accoustic, di bass, mic electric. We run a peavey 24fx board. We have 2 peavey SP 5 mains, 2 jbl mrx18 subs, and 3 peavey pv115 monitors. We currently have 2 Xti4000 amps 1 dbx driverack pa and 1 dbx 231. Also, I am the drummer and know very little about Pa systems. We eventually want to have 4 monitor mixes. My thoughts are to run the 2 current xti4000 for monitors with an additional dbx 231. Then run the driverack for the mains and subs. What are your oppinions for amping. 2 more xti 4000s in stereo for each? Thanks