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  1. Setting up xti4000's

    I guess I misunderstood your earlier post when you said I could run off both channels and not to daisy chain together. If I were to use the panel, which I plan to in the future, how do I wire from the amp to the panel when I'm only using one channel in bridged sub mode? When you say terminals are you refering to the binding posts?
  2. Setting up xti4000's

    Hey fud57 I wired up the subs using the speakons 1+ 2+ at the amp and only got one channel to work. I ran one cable to ch1 and one cable to ch2 and had no sound coming from ch 2. It worked if I daisy chained but not using seprate cable for each speaker. I rechecked connections and they seem to be correct. Any suggestions?
  3. Setting up xti4000's

    Thanks, That is kind of what I thought but wanted to confirm.
  4. Setting up xti4000's

    So if I understand correctly to bridge my subs I will connect to both channels 1 and 2 and wire the speakon connctions to the amp 1+ 2+ and run a cable to both subs which will be wired 1+1- . If I add a panel to my rack I will wire the cables from the amp 1+ 2+, run to speakon panel mount. How do I wire the panel mount speakon? Do I still use 1+ 2+ or does it go back to 1+1- and then 1+1- for the cable to the speaker which is 1+1-
  5. Setting up xti4000's

    Thanks for the info, I'm a drummer by trade and new to the PA stuff so this can be a little over whelming at times.
  6. Setting up xti4000's

    I have two xti 4000's that I'm using in our pa system. We are using two Peavey SP2's for our mains which are rated as follows (500Wcontinuous, 1000W program and 2000W peak) and two SP118's for our subs with ratings of (600W continuous, 1200W program, and 2400W peak.) What would be the best way to power these speakers? All Speakers are 8ohm. and I'm using Speakon connectors. And we are playing classic rock if that helps with power concerns. Option 1- run them in Stereo or Ch1+Ch2 using the Ch1 on each unit for the lows and Ch2 for the highs(using the built in crossover) Option 2 - run the subs in Bridged Subs mode on one amp and run the mains in Stereo or Ch1+Ch2 on the second amp Option 3- run mains in Bridged mode and subs in Bridged Subs mode If running in bridged subs mode will I need two wire anything differently than running in stereo mode? Also can you still use the Sub Synth if you are in bridged subs mode? Thanks for any and all help, the booklet that comes with these amps is somewhat vague and I don't want to destroy my speakers or amps.