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  1. XTi4000 Setup NL2 connector?

    Thanks for the info.... I guess I will have to call JBL and see what they say. As far as the power rating goes, the 650w at 8ohms is running in stereo mode. We will definitely be running bridged in which the XTI4000 kicks out 2400w at 8ohms. As a matter of fact, I will be connecting 2 speakers to each each amp bringing it down to 4ohms in which the Xti4000 kicks out 3200, giving me 1600 per side. So I think I am okay as far as powering the cabinets accurately. I believe I am running passive but as I mentioned before I am kind of new at this stuff so can you explain what the difference between passive and bi-amped is? Thanks.
  2. Hey... I just bought 2 XTI4000 that I will use with JBL speakers. 1 amp for 2 SRX 715 tops and the other for 2 SRX 718 subs. I am kinda of new at pro audio so I have a couple of questions in regards to setup... 1. I have 12 gauge wire that I made that I believe is 2-pole. There is a black and white wire inside when you cut it open. Anyway I made some cables and I terminated them with standard NL2 FC connectors. I noticed that the Crown xti manual indicates that the Speakon Output connectors are NL4MP (will mate with NL4FC). The JBL speaker manuals also say that the connection is NL4. My question is, will my NL2 FC cable work being that output on the Crown and JBL say NL4? And if it does work, will it produce good sound? 2. I wanted to test out the 2 Crown amps that I got so I quickly connected them to one of the JBL speakers and plugged a mic into the appropriate channel on the back of the Crown. The good news is that I was able to get sound. However, the sound was very low. Is this normal when you do it this way? I thought that I would get a louder sound. Any help is appreciated! thanks!