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  1. thanks for the response. When you open the front and back panel picture on the crown website, from top to bottom, it shows the front of the 2400, the back of the 2400 and then the back of the 3600. I think you may have been looking at the back of the 2400, which only has on set of banana cables, whereas the 3600 has two sets per side. Does this sound about right?
  2. Hi there, The 3600 has 2 sets of banana connector outputs for each channel. I just want to make sure that if you send each set to separate driver of 8ohms, that the total load on each channel is 4ohms. Is this correct? thanks, Jim
  3. I could really use some advice in terms of how people are powering their Macrotech 3600 or 5002. It seems like a lot of venues may not have outlets for their particular 3 prong power cords. I could really use some advice from some experienced sound guys. thanks Jim
  4. I just bought a 3600VZ and I realize I'm going to need to power this thing in places with limited power supply. I was wondering if there is a power distribution block that takes multiple 120V-15A inputs and combines them for a 120V/30A output. And if so, who makes this product. thanks, jim