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  1. Thanks Bill!
  2. AB+B how does this work is it Push Pull? is it like AB?
  3. What class of amp is the XTi 2000
  4. no body has an answer for me? Not just you man I keep putting stuff up and nothing. Email customer service
  5. Two things, What class of amp is the crown XTi 2000 is it I? and why does it not make good installed sound?
  6. Does the Crown XTi 2000 have a hour meter?
  7. Ok that makes sense one more. What do you mean by a " lot of boost"?
  8. Ok thanks one more question So if these lights are on I can still turn up the dials on the amp without reaching clip level?
  9. My -10/-20 warning lights are coming on with my XTi 2000 at relatively low levels would this probleme be fixed is I bumped up the volume dials?