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  1. SUCCESS! Now it works as the manual says and you were right bassist1: the wiring was wrong. Now I can get over 6 dB:s boost comparing to one channels. Thanks! Hey, if I read your post right, I think that your y cable might be wired wrong. The feed for channel 2 has to be reversed. That means you have to reverse the two wires that are on pins 2 and3 on the feed for channel 2. I suppose you know that you can use a 4 pole speakon connector in the channel 1 output wired on the 1+ and 2+ poles instead of the banana jacks. Either way you output to the speakers will work. Hope this helps.
  2. Hi, I have a XLS 202 B-series (Is it? 4 LEDs running horizontally between the input Level controls and Two SpeakOn output connectors, no bridging selector) amplifier whitout a bridging-selector on the back of the device. I'd like to bridge it and the manual says that I have to use a special y-cable. Ok, I have that and the speaker is connected from the red speaker connectors only. The problem comes when I try to adjust the gain of the both channels to the identical setting as the manual says. Nothing comes out, but when I adjust the channels to the opposite ways (1:0 2:100), the sound comes out about 10 dB louder than in a non-bridged mode. Is this right? Have I misunderstood something in the manual. BR, Kimmo EDIT: The difference between bridged and normal 1-channel mode is actually 3,1 dB. Can it be presumed that when the volume doubles (3 dB), the power also doubles. The result would be almost the same as manual says (1 channel: 250W, bridged 500W).