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  1. You should be able to get them at crown website or off the web. I just got prints for a 602
  2. I am trying to repair an older xls602 series amp that has one fan and is in a 5 inch case. While working with the board, the optocouplers running from the main board to the input board broke off. This is the one part on the board that is different than the silk screen on the board. The designator on the board is LED2a and 2b. I am trying to figure out which way the opto couplers go on the board. There is a dot on the part. Does it go to the right or left in referance to looking at the board from the front of the unit, or does one go left and one right, etc. Any help would be much appreciated. Even if someone could tell me if they are even needed in the circut because the schematics I have, it says that these components are not even stuffed. I just know that they look like they have to do with the clipping circuit.