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  1. Ok Need help here. Our Goal: We have a DBX Driverack PA/XTI 4000/SRX715 and we wanted to use the SRX715 in Bi-Amp mode. Our current Set-up: We initially set-up our (2) XTI 4000 in Bridgemode to Power (4) SRX 715 in Passive (in 4 Ohms - (2) SRX715 per XTi amp). Driverack PA feeds it with "High". We also have (8) SRX718S and powered with (4) XTi 4000 in Bridge mode - 4 ohms operation and feeds it with Driverack PA "Low" crossover. Our story and Confusion: One of the sound tech guy at one of the Casino Venue notice our set-up and highly recommends the Bi-amp operation vs. Passive in order to utilize the speaker's full capability and the speakers' long life on the SRX 715. Casino Tech guy recommends that I use XTi channel 1 for "Mid" and use Channel 2 just for "High". No problem since we have the Driverack PA and it has High, Mid, and Low Crossover. XTI Manual recommends using Chan 1 output just for "Lows" and Chan 2 just for "High" 1. How do I send the "Mid and High" Signal to SRX715 that are in Bi-amp mode using a 2 wire speaker capable with NL4 speakon? or 2. Which output Channel from XTI 4000 could we plug-in our 2 wire NL4 speakon to obtain and deliver the "High" and Mids signal " to our SRX715? (XTI Manual recommends using Chan 1 output just for "Lows/Mid" and Chan 2 just for "High". I am also aware that SRX715 Bi-amp +1 for LF and +2 HF ). Sincerely, DJ Style