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  1. Hi shafferpilot, So it's better to have 1 Crown XTI for each sub? Hi Stephane, I'm now using 1 XTI 1000 to drive both subs and that gives them 275W per sub or am I calculating wrong? A XTI 2000 with 457W at 8ohm stereo is just under the recommended 500W. I'm a little confused what would be the best decision? 2 XTI 1000's is not an option because of the 1000W at 8ohm Bridge-Mono. Stereo will give both subs only 275W at 8ohm so that's not enough? 1 XTI 2000 is most near to the Klipsch recommended power (475W vs 500W) but will it be ok because the XTI will always have to work at his best? 1 XTI 4000 will be too much with his 650W at 8ohm Stereo. Setting the limiter at 75% will not ask for the most of the 4000 and might be the best option? Yesterday I was busy with this reply but could not post it for some dark reason. I also asked this question on the Klipsch forum and I got the folowing reply over there; One thing about the KA-1000 is that it has built-in EQ and processing specifically for the KW-120 subs. To get the optimum performance out of the KW-120, you would need to emulate that EQ inside your XTi. I am fairly confident the Ultra2 Subwoofer setup (KA-1000 plus KW-120) is taking advantage of the decreased excursion at the tuning frequency and adding lots of boost to a response that is otherwise rolling off early. As far as which amp to get, I would highly recommend the KA-1000. If you're dead set on the Crown route, then I would go with the XTi 4000 and run it bridged mono. If I got my facts straight, I believe the power supply in the Xti 4000 is different from the Xti 1000 and Xti 2000 and is going to better handle the lower crest factor and lower frequencies of movie sound effects. The rated power of the 2000 is high enough to drive two subs to their max, but whether or not it can deliver the rated power for a long period of time is what matters more. If you buy too little power, then your max output will be limited by the amplifier. If you buy too much power, then your max output will be limited by the speaker. As long as you don't overdrive either (which you shouldn't do anyway because it will sound horrible), then nothing should blow up. The most important thing is that you get the filtering dialed in properly on the XTi. A XTI would be preferable over the KA-1000 from Klipsch because it has more value when I would like to change the set up in the future. In the end I want to have the best slam out of the subs. Pricewise it doesn't matter because a XTI 4000 is about the same as the KA-1000. Thanks. Dave
  2. I'm doing all settings with Bandmanager and that's really great. There is so much to play with that I have to learn to work with it, I guess you're right. Dave
  3. Thanks Stephane. Some things are more clear for me now. I also posted my question on the AVS and I got the reply that choosing the "input-Y" is the right option to choose. I would love to know more about presets on the XTI but I can't find that much information about it. Dave
  4. Hi Stephane, So you would suggest that I purchase a XTI 4000 to get to the fullest? I believ those are 1200W at 4ohms. Regarding to the volume, do you mean that when I used to have the volume on the pre at -50dB in combination with a parasound amplifier it is now possible that I will have to increase the volume to -40dB to get the same output? Can you tell me anything about the settings that should work best for this setup? I tried Sub Synth this morning but it didn't work. There was no sound at all. Dave
  5. I have a Crown XTI 2000 which must give power to 2 Klipsch KW-120's. Normally KW-120's come with a KA-1000 which delivers at 4 ohms 1000W. Since I like the Crown XTI's very much I also decided to go for the XTI 2000 for the subs which should give enough power to drive the 2 subs. From the two speakon connectors on the back of the XTI (CH1 and CH2) I go to both subs (each sub has only one connector and that's a speakon). From the sub XLR output on the back of my processor (Onkyo 886) I go to the XLR CH1 input on the back of the XTI. Questions I have; I know made a preset where I only selected the "input-Y". Both subs run but I have the feeling they should give more punch. Should I use Sub Synth or did I make the right choice with "input-Y" because I only use 1 input? Should I use a Y-connector on my processor so I can connect with 2 XLR cables both inputs on the Crown? If so, what must I do with the presets? After choosing the good preset, what should / must I change to get the best out of the two subs (EQ, Output, etc). Hope someone can give me any advice. It will be very much appreciated. Dave