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  1. Ok I hope i dont loose you guys with this but I'm new to all this stuff, I'm doing a little mobile DJ on the side and here lately I have really started getting into it but now I need some bass, I already have 2 12" satellite speakers and 2 cabinets with two 15" speakers each. I have a crown CE 2000 for my cabs, and a 800 watt amp for my 12's. So I was currently going to buy a jbl 18" EON powered sub! but for the price do you think it would be better to buy 2 PV 118 subs and use a Crown XTi 2000 to power them? the subs are 400w power program handling, " Whatever that Means" and could I use this amp to power both subs and at the same time use the built in crossover to send my mids to my cabinet speakers and highs to my sattelites?? Or would I need to buy a seperat crossover? Oh by the way the JBL powered sub is $900 and if i buy 2 Peavey 118 which are 18" subs and a Crown XTi 2000 it's about $1200. what is your opinion on powered subs anyway? I have heard "and remember I'm new at this" that powered subs are just good for enclosed small places, and non power would be better, especially outdoors! Thanks Hector