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  1. Thank you very much for the information.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply. One more question for you. All these numbers are just a little confusing to me. Would it be good to run 1-18" from one xti2000? In others words, I would have 2 xti2000's pushing 2-18's. I would have both amps in bridged mono, each amp pushing 1-18" speaker rated at 800 watts continuous @ 8 ohms. The thing that I was really confused about was being told that these amps in bridged mono pushing a 4 ohm load would not amplify the lower EQ spectrum @ 2000 watts. Is this true?? Thank you again so much.........BTW..... I really do like these amps!! for the record:)
  3. Hi, I hope I don't sound COMPLETELY stupid. I am new to the PA equipment arena. I just recently purchased 2 xti2000's to power 4-18" speakers.......one amp per 2-18's. The speakers are rated 800 watts continuous each @ 8 ohms, 1600 per side. I am running each amp bridged mono which would give me 2000 watts at 4 ohms. I thought this would give me enough power for the speakers. I'm having trouble getting the bottom end that I'd like. I was told today that by running these amps in bridged mono, the amp actually does not amplify the lower end of the EQ spectrum. Is this true? The same guy actually said I would be better off to run 1-18" per side with the amps bridged at 8 ohms giving me 1600 watts to the speaker. Any thoughts or ideas? Thanks so much