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  1. The Bass Subs are MPros. They are 600 watts per cab.
  2. I was told that this amp was made to run at 2ohms also. So how do I run this amp at 2000 watts for two 4ohms bass subs? Can I run it with a "Y" cord? Will this give me a full 2000 watts to run these subs?
  3. But these are the single 18(s). They are 4ohms each. I'm running the amp in bridge so the power is 2000 watts at 4ohms. So I guess this would be ok. Right?
  4. I am running 2 JBL Bass Sub MPros with the Xti2000. I'm new to this, so can some one please help me? What are the settings that I need to have to just run the two subs. They are 600 watts a piece @ 4ohms, so I'm running stereo.
  5. I just bought an XTi2000 at a local music store in Houston. I told the sales guy that I was looking for a xover, limiter and a power amp. I told him that I wanted to run two 2x15 (with horn) cabs @4ohms (1000 watts per cab) and two subs @4ohms (600 watts per cab) . He said that instead of buying all the components separately I could just buy the XTi2000 and it would do the trick. Will this really work? And how do I set this up? I am new to the PAs. Thanks