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  1. This is just a shot in the dark, but I have a feeling they might only need to be connected if your using the amp as a mono block. ie: using ch 1 as your input, and the two reds as your speaker outs. [not using the black terminals] I'm probably wrong as I usually am….. You'll just have to find the manual in the archives here, if no one else can chip in.
  2. Sadly, that's the reality of Crowns in Australia. They're just too expensive to repair. I have an MA2401 [i know, a bit ancient] which has an 'irreparable' channel, as the replacement board is over AU$800 [last time I checked they were unavailable tho'], and when the remaining channel dies, it's destined for the scrap heap. Unlike my faithful old DC300 which hasn't skipped a beat in 40 odd years, and still is fixable should it ever need it. Good luck with it in the US, otherwise my condolences…..
  3. Thank you Alain for putting my mind at rest. I am truly grateful. All the very best to you and all, for the newest of years. George.
  4. Hi all…. I have a first model D150 [upright - no faceplate version]. For ages, I've been using it as a Sub Woofer amp, just using a JBL B380 with the associated 'active' JBL BX63A crossover. The BX63A has two outputs on the back. One 'normal', and one 'inverted'. Up 'till now, I just used the BX63A to 'bridge the amp by connecting the 'normal' out to the Left channel input, and the 'inverted' out to the Right channel input, and connected the sub to the two Red terminals on the D150. This has worked with no ill effects. Recently I mentioned it to tech savvy friend of mine, and he says that it won't work, and it will blow my amp up. …. but it does work, and has now for at least two years. Can someone with more knowledge on the subject tell me what should or shouldn't I be doing please? I hope I've explained myself clearly? Cheers [and the happiest of New Year's] to all….
  5. Yes, there were both models available. With AND without.
  6. Thank you for your sympathies.... I will have a look eventually. I have my other one taking over the job right now. (it pays to have a spare.) With so much on my bench already, it may need to take a number.... LoL.
  7. Well my trusty ol' D150 died. No reason. It was quietly running doing background music duty, and all of a sudden, it just started oscillating. Both channels, and scary loud. I was hoping I'd got to it to power it off in time before my speakers got killed, but no such luck. Lost both 10" drivers in my JBL L36's. God knows why it committed suicide, but it did. So much damage, in such little time! 'tis a sad sad day here today.....
  8. To quote: My sentiments exactly. Have fun....
  9. It's the transformer that's humming but I just can't remember the fix. (The ol' brain's just not it used to be.....) Someone else is bound to step in with a solution. In the meantime, you can find the manual for this (and other legacy amps) here: All the best...
  10. Yes, a lot of places stop taking in repairs for over the forthcoming holiday season 'till after the New Year, as their last minute repairs generally turn into quite a backlog 'till then. So get in early.....
  11. ... I feel your pain with the disappointment and inconvenience. On the bright side, at least it will get fixed properly and by experts, but you should contact them direct ASAP, as everyone will be closing up shop soon, being that time of year.
  12. You sould be asking your dealer.......
  13. Are you not able to tune your system by ear without relying on auto-eq?
  14. It could be anything.... I would think it's a bit too much to ask from just the one sub tho'.