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  1. Crown Xti 1000 + Bass Speakers!

    I checked the amplifier, and it receives the signal on the two channels. I tested it also with the Pink Noise generator on System Architect, apparently, it works. Everything is doing fine except there's no sound from Ch2. I really don't understand.
  2. Crown Xti 1000 + Bass Speakers!

    I bought it, and received it yesterday. I plugged an Sansamp Bass Driver DI as a preamp with an XLR cable on the Ch1. Then I plugged the cabinet with Glockenklang speakercables ( speakon/speakon), Ch1 for the Subs (2*15) and Ch2 for the Highs (2*10) I engaged the Xover preset and I had no sound from Ch2 (highs), but Ch1 worked perfectly well. Did I make a mistake?
  3. Crown Xti 1000 + Bass Speakers!

    These are the specifications of my cabinet : 2x15" Eminence Custom Speakers band-pass system = 600 watts RMS - 2x10" Eminence Custom Speakers + HF horn with attenuator in separate chamber = 400 watts RMS - Frequency response (-3dB) 45 - 15k - Low Frequency (-10dB) 35 Hz - Sensitivity (1W/­1M) 99 dB - MAX SPL 125 dB - X-over (horn high pass) 4, 5 kHz - 10s high pass 300Hz - Switches for biamp/­fullrange mode - Impedance switch. - Vented Cabinet - Weight: 130 lbs. /­ 59 kg - D: 37.2 x 23.8 x 19 in., 945 x 605 x 485 mm (HxWxD) Thanks for your reply :-)
  4. Hi Everyone! I'm looking for a power amp to drive my cabinet Warwick Terminator which is a bit special. This cab has 2*10' speakers and 2*15' speakers. The 2*10 can handle 400W/8ohms and the 2*15 600W/4ohms using the bi-amplification. The Crown Xti 1000 has a crossover for bi-amplification I noticed. So my question is : Will it work with a Crown XTi 1000? Thanks!