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  1. I put my system together, did what you recommended and it sounds crip, clear, with a bass kick. Awesome! Thank you very much! Ruben
  2. When my XTi 2000 arrives, I will hook up my system and try those settings. Then I'll come back here and post feedback/results. Thanks for your help!
  3. I decided to go ahead and purchase the XTi2000. I will use my XTi4000 in Bridge-Mono mode to power my JBL JRX118s and use the XTi2000 to power both JBL 1500 EONS in stereo mode. I will use banana cables to connect each speaker and will use a speakon for the sub. I found the JBL tunings for the JBL sub, does anyone know if these tunings can be applied if the amp is used in Bridge-Mono mode? I cannot find tunings for the JBL 1500 EONs, if anyone has any settings, please help me out. Lastly, can someone please let me know if I am setting up this system in the best way possible? I have a gig coming up so any help I can get will be appreciated. Thank you.
  4. Thanks for your reply. I ended up replacing the Optimus with a new Berenger mixer and have been trying not to clip the mixer. So far so good.
  5. I was thinking, what about if I forget purchasing the 2nd sub and just purchase an XTi 1000? I would use my XTi4000 to power both EON1500s in stereo mode and purchase the XTi1000 to power 1 JBL JRX118s sub in whatever mode would be best to get the most out of the JRX's power. Please let me know what you recommend. I am trying to get the most for the money Thanks.
  6. Hi thanks for your reply. The operating conditions were dry and indoors. I belive it could have been a mixer problem because the levels on the mixer were clipping up until this problem happened. It was an old mixer with many years of use. Again, amp levels were not clipping. Although the mixer was clipping, the amp wasn't and the sound was perfect. At that venue, I was playing country, some dance, and some hip-hop. I don't think this could be an XTi problem, at least I hope not.
  7. Thanks for not helping me out. Hopefully this post accidentally fell through the cracks.
  8. Hello, I currently have a Beringer Mixer feeding an XTI4000 in crossover mode powering a JBL JRX118S sub and 2 JBL EON1500 speakers. I am thinking of purchasing another JBL JRX118S sub and either XTI1000 or XTI2000. If XTI1000 will do the job, then I will go with it. My gigs are usually graduation parties, and wedding receptions and they usually last no more than 6 hours. How do you recommend that I setup this system for best quality sound? I plan to use speakon cables for this system. How should the subs/spearkers/amps be paired for best performance? Here's the equipment list: 1 Beringer Mixer 1 XTI 4000 1 XTI 1000 (or 2000) 2 JBL EON1500 speakers 2 JBL JRX118S subs Thanks for your help!
  9. Hello, Here is my system: XTI4000, 1 JBL JRX118S 18Inch Subwoofer (CH 1), and 2 JBL EON1500 Non-Powered Speaker 15In (CH 2). Both of my speakers are linked through a speakon cable and they are connected to CH 2 - highs. My sub is connected to CH 1 - lows. The amp DSP is set to crossover. I use an Optimus Mixer to fade between music coming from 2 laptops. Here is the problem: after playing a few songs at really great sound, I began to notice that some songs (especially those with more bass) began to sound muffled, as if the system couldn't handle them. However, I have system architect open while I play songs, and there is no clipping what so ever. I check the signal lights on the amp, same clipping. I fixed the problem by turning down the volume levels and bass on the mixer. Could this be an issue where the mixer is overheating and can't handle the power at extended periods of time? Or could it be because I used my XTi at full gain? Again, when I begin playing songs, everything sounds perfect, after a while, that's when this problem happens. Please let me know what you think might be the problem. Thank you!
  10. Thank you for your input, I learned something in all of my postings thanks to you.
  11. I have an 18" JBL JRX118S sub and I belive the tunings for XTI series for this sub are under Tunings > MRX. However, I have a pair of JBL EON-1500s, does anyone know where can I find the tunings for the EONs? I've been looking in this forum but can't seem to find them. Thank you for your help.
  12. Thank you sir for your reply!
  13. Hello, Does anyone know if it is ok to operate the Crown XTi 4000 without installing any firmware or using any software to control the sound settings? Would you recommend using firmware/software as opposed to using the amp in its factory condition, and using a mixer to control sound instead? Thanks in advance for your replies.
  14. Thank you for your quick reply. Since I have only one XTi4000 I think I will have to run the system in mono, to get sub frequencies off one channel, and the full range signal of the other channel. How do I go about doing this? Thanks for your help! I ended up using the Xover Preset and connected my sub to Ch. 1. Both of my speakers are parallel-connected in Ch. 2. Sounds sweet!
  15. Thank you for your quick reply. Since I have only one XTi4000 I think I will have to run the system in mono, to get sub frequencies off one channel, and the full range signal of the other channel. How do I go about doing this? Thanks for your help!