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  1. thanks for your answer I believe that buying a XTi 2000. my pramplifier Conrad Johnson Premier Ten has these characteristics: Gain: 25 dB Maximum output is 20 VRMS. is a good interface? or should I use the interface module? if the output level is too high, can decrease by Dac/Pre Vimak DS2000 greetings Alessandro
  2. Thanks for your answer XTi series is the best of K2 to use home hi-fi? I do not know Rolls M15 ProMatch and Art CleanBox that equipment? I did not understand if the fans are always lit by varying the speed, or light up only when the temperature becomes very high. Those db noise produced at low speeds and those db at full speed? It would be important to indicate the data sheet in db noise fan. Greetings Alessandro
  3. Well, I thank you for your answer, actually I saw that there are few visitors. If the fans are noisy this is a problem, I have to place a 3 metres away from the listener. The connection cables are short, 1 meter, wanting to use it can also balanced with my PRE / DAC Vimak DS2000, eliminating the Conrad Johnson. Wait more answers. Many thanks
  4. Nobody helps an Italian friend? thanks Alessandro
  5. Good Sorry if my English is not very correct. I am Italian I would like to buy a very powerful pro amplifier to use in my hi-fi home, my choice has fallen on these articles: Crown K2 XTi 2000 CE 2000 CDi 2000 DSi 2000 I wanted to ask some information before deciding: Models equipped with fans, I am very noisy?Buying in the USA, these models are adaptable to 240volt?I should connect it to my tube preamplifier Conrad Johnson Premier Ten, which has only unbalanced outputs, I have problems? What is the most suitable model? Thanks for the help. Greetings from Italy