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  1. Thanks, David. I'll call the dealer and see what they say about an exchange. It's only a month or so old, and behaved this way right out of the box. I bought it very cheap with free shipping, so they may not be the 'full service' sort of dealer. Might have to send it back to you guys... and be without it. We'll see. Thanks again, SC
  2. Hi, I've got two brand new XLS 202's in my home theater and they're awesome. Really took my sound up a notch. One is powering the L and R mains, and the other is powering the center with one channel. The 202 powering the L and R mains work perfectly, but I've got an issue with the other. The one powering my center however thumps pretty significantly at power-off - unless I turn the gain completely down. I've tried the other channel (I'm only using one) and both behave identically. I did notice one other difference between the two amps: On the 'good' amp, the 'fault' LED's 'blip' at power-off. On the offending amp, the 'signal' LEDs blip at power-off - in concert with the thump. Fans, relay clicks, etc. all sound identical from what I can tell. I thought I could hear a difference in the relay click at power on/off at one point, but now I can't tell the difference. I'd like to leave the gains up so I can power-cycle the system with automation, but I've been manually power-cycling the amps and lowering gain on the one amp because of the thump in the center. Do I have a warranty repair/replacement issue with the new amp? Thanks! SC