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  1. Andy: I test all amplifiers at 120 VAC as set by the variac and read by a digital AC voltmeter w/AC ammeter. My 'extension' cord was 2 feet long and read 120 VAC. My measurements were taken with all channels driven. The loads used for this test are capable of 5000+ watts and are measured before and after the test out to .01 ohms to insure accuracy. You may read the exact resistance on the test report. They are not climate controlled. As I have stated before, I am quite willing to give Crown a credit card number and have them send me an amplifier to test. Please answer that request. Thank you for your response. Chuck
  2. Personally I am using 3400 watts for 4 each 15 inch drivers in an Infinite Baffle in my living room. And, NO, the neighbors don't complain! Chuck
  3. I am using a 30 amp variac set to 120.0 VAC that is being fed from a dedicated 30 ampere, 120 VAC circuit. Andy: Thank you for responding with some numbers. I am very curious as to how we came up with such different results. I find it odd that Crown has chosen "NOT" to publish 20-20Khz specifications for this amplifier and this has raised my antenna! Now, can you tell me whether both channels were driven at the same time or not? And can you tell me what the exact impedance of the test load was. I have over 2500 watts per channel worth of water cooled dissipation and my loads will still very with heat by .05 or so. And none of my loads measures exactly 4 ohms. I publish my numbers out to .01 from the load resistance measured before the test and after. And here is the $64.00 question........ If I give you my credit card number, would Crown send me an XTi1000 amplifier to restest and republish the results no matter what the outcome? I would like to return the amplifier unblemished afterwards (I will pay shipping out of my pocket one way). The amplifier I tested was shipped to me by a user in Canada at his expense and it has been shipped back to him so I no longer have it. Awaiting your response. Chuck
  4. Your answer would indicate that you have never measured the amplifier output at 20, 40, or 50 Hz. Your brochures certainly do not mention anywhere that the amplifier will perform its rated power at anything other than 1,000 Hz. I do not understand why it has taken the better part of a week to respond to a charge made that your XTi1000 amplifier doesn't work well at all and when you do respond, you say it will take a few more days for "testing and analysis". Has Crown produced an amplifier that they have not designed or tested? This never would have happened in the old days. Chuck
  5. To Whom It May Concern: I performed the tests on the XTi1000. Here are some pictures of the amp under load and the THD /Voltage readout along with a sheet of the measurements I got from the amp in question. THD set at .492% Voltage at 20 Hz. Spreadsheet of measurements. And on an ironic note...... I was trained at the Crown Factory back when the PS2 was in production! Chuck
  6. Mr Glass: I am having a problem downloading the PDF in order to perfrom the modification to the K2 (I have 2 of them with the same complaint). I am also a former certified Crown Tech in my past life. Can you please check the attached PDF or give a link on where to get it? Thanks. Chuck