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  1. XTI woes

    We are running these for tops, and two of these for Subs. We have been very happy with them.
  2. XTI woes

    Both of these (1k and 4k) have two strikes against them. This is the second time the 4k has started the volume changes and or lost a channel completely. The 1k was the same way and we should be getting it back from Crown from its second trip in. I just can't handle that, not for the $$ they cost. We aren't against spending the $$, but we want something we can count on.
  3. XTI woes

    It's also four channels, which means it replaces two XTI's. At a price of a little under $4k that puts our cost/ ch. at less than $1k. I think that puts it just a little over what we paid for the pair of XTI's new, and it's well worth it to have an amp that works. Best of all it works, and works, and works. Can't say that for either of the XTI's, at least not for more than a handful of weeks at a time.
  4. XTI woes

    Apparently the best solution is a Lab_Gruppen C68:4. I would have done an AB comparison if the Crowns actually worked, but the low end sounds noticeably better now.
  5. XTI woes

    Our church has a pair of XTIs that are about 18 months old. (1k and 4k) Our 1k has been in the shop twice, and the 4k is on its way back for its second trip. They have both had the display and cable replaced as the work order reads. They have both either dropped channels out completely, and or started changing volume on their own. I am quite frankly REALLY tired of these things failing.I really like the performance of the IT8000 we have, and it runs like a champ. The IT8000 not withstanding I am really thinking of selling the XTIs for book ends or boat anchors and buying Labs. If one of you Crown guys on here has a different suggestion please let me know.
  6. XTI 2000 not seen in S.A.

    Alright, I got it figured out. I had originally had to install the .hex firmware. In my attempts to fix everything I went back to the beginning, and tried to upload the .s firmware. It worked this time, and now all is peachy.
  7. I just upgraded an xti2000 to ver 1.0.8 using Cloader. The firmware update worked fine, but the amp will not show up in a venue in SA. The amp is hooked directly to my Pc, and I verified the usb port was working with my flash drive. The amp shows up in device manager as an HID device, but it doesn't appear in SA. What am I missing? Thans, Mike