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  1. Here's the setup: - Power Tech-3 set to "bridged-mono mode" - single 8 ohm cabinet connected to binding posts (for bridge mode operation) - signal input to chnl 1 - chnl 1 attenuator rotated to full clockwise (chnl 2 set to full counter-clockwise) The problem - chnl2 IOC indicator light does not illuminate when the amplifier is amplifying. It used to (just as my other PT-3 amplifier does). The amplifier does work (i.e. sound coming from speaker), but I'm not sure if the amplifier is actually producing its fully rated output in bridge-mono mode with only one IOC light indicating. Suggestions / thoughts? Thanks, Rob
  2. It does not need to be wired with 4 wires. If you want to run 1 speaker (2-wire) from one speakon output, all you need to do is wire the speakon end for one speaker - which would be the 1+ and 1-
  3. Thanks joust - maybe this is a bias issue... what makes this a bit more complex is the amplifier is not hot and has no issues cooling; the only thing I'm able to rely on is watching the right channel IOC light flash green, just not as much as the left channel.
  4. Hello - I use the PowerTech-3 amplifier to run subs. I place the amplifier in Bridge-mono mode; only use channel 1 for input; rotate channel 1 attenuator full clockwise (leaving channel 2 alone). I attach one 8-ohm sub to the speaker outputs (as described for bridge-mono operation). When I apply a signal, the IOC lights begin to light up and flash green as music is played. Here is my question... channel 1 IOC indicator lights up stronger and more often than the channel 2 IOC indicator. Is this normal for bridge-mono operation? Thanks.
  5. DriveRack PA is designed for specific usage. If you are the kind of FOH person whom may always be tinkering with x-over points and levels, then DriveRack is not for you. DriveRack is great for providing sound for bands who have a consistent particular sound (i.e. ZZTop, Peter Frampton, Bob Segar). If your in a club providing sound for a cover band, DriveRack may not be the best choice simply because as the songs change, so will the need to change/modify the board and maybe outboard gear. DriveRack is certainly not the answer to all, but it does answer well to certain situations.
  6. Hey guys, thanks for your comments!! It's good to hear from users whom have had good experiences. This makes my decision even easier! Rob
  7. David, Thank you very much for the information! It sounds like the savings (from new amps.) would be worth the cost... especially with Crown's factory warranty. As a side note, it's always good to read your posts. I've read through this discussion forum for awhile and it appears that without your input and responses to many of the posts, there would be a lot of us scratching our heads and speculating on answers. Thanks again, Rob
  8. Hello, I've seen a few ads showing XTi amplifiers for sale, but as refurbished units (w/full factory warranty). Has anyone had any experiences (good or bad) with refurbished Crown equipment? Also, is there something specific to the XTi line that is causing the units to appear on the market as refurbished? Any thoughts/comments? Thanks, Rob