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  1. I recently updated my inventory of Itechs to V4 for Vertec. I know as part of the V4 that most of the parameters of the presets are locked. I was wondering if it is possible to to have the V4 presets loaded onto the amp along with other non-V4 presets (i.e. presets for VRX932) and have those non-V4 presets not be locked. I have tried to put other presets on the amps along with the V4 and all of them are locked. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks Matt
  2. I kind of want to take this question a little further. I found the presets for the VRX932LA's for the Itech, but the limiter settings seem incorrect. Should I assume that the limiter/voltage limiters should be disabled for the highs? I found the PDF with the tunings and it has the limiter settings printed out for 1,2,3, and 4 speakers, but it says they are in passive. I like to run mine in bi-amp mode. Should I use the same limits for the highs and lows? Any help ASAP would be appreciated. Thanks Matt
  3. Is this a known issue for the Itecs? I have sent in 4 IT4000s and IT6000s that have had the same issue over the past 9 months or so. All have been fixed, but I just had it happen again yesterday and I'm going to have to send in another one. I have an inventory of 14 Itecs. Is this going to happen to all of them?