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  1. Hi can you send me schematics of XTI4000? thanks a lot
  2. hi the power supply of XTi is very (too much) sensible to the variation or disturb of mains power. i seriously thinking to replace them with an other model or company. last night in a live concert the XTis going to limiting and the sound volume too much low and stage monitors seemed powered off.... moreover noises like popcorn were introduced. instead the yamaha p5000 they have worked perfectly and without disturbs or power decrease the XTis are little reliable
  3. the fuse is ok. the power supply is damaged. the vcc at the FAN7380 is near 0 volt and the voltage at vcc of LM393 (Q16) oscillates between 14 and 22 volt in 2 seconds.
  4. suddenly this XTI2000 has self power off and it is not power on again. it was piloting a subwoofer connected in bridge. the led not power on even. what has happened? it widens has worked for 3 hours!! it is new! how I must make in order to obtain technical support? thanks to all Davide