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  1. Last year I had a 5000 go down. The IOC light came on and stayed, even though there was not signal. It did not pass signal. I took it to a local repair shop, who then sent it to crown without telling me. Meanwhile, I put a spare 5000 in the rack and life went on. The other amp came back, and I left it in the box for nearly a year. I pulled it out to use it for a show yesterday, and low and behold it still does the same thing. The amp cycles on, both green lights come on, but ch 1 stays on. I dont want to send it back to crown and pay another $370 to get it fixed again. Is this something simple, or do I have to send it back?
  2. Hi. I run a showroom which uses one crown Ma5000 for the subs. The amp is pushing 4 EAW 850 Dual 18" Cabs, 2 per side in stereo mode. cabs are daisy chained and are 4 ohms each. I will rock the house with 1200 in the showroom. I have a crown 5002. I have tried to push 4 EV MTL1X Cabs the same way, but I get a protect light at low volumes. I in turn, have had to run one EV sub per side and use two amps. What am I doing wrong? The only big difference I see is the AC. The casino uses a larger circuit.
  3. Hi, I am using a crossover, no pip card. I dont think the limiters are on in the 6K. If they were on, would that make it peak early? Using the subs on the 6K, I think the impedance was 5 ohms. The amp was set to 4000 watts per side, so Im guessing the limiter is of, since I dont think the amp will push more than that. I will check on th e input voltage setting, which is the best one to use universally? I have notices the impedance changing when running the system, I figured after that, the impedence was measured only when signal passed. Sometimes when you stop signal, it might me 30 ohms one side, 4 the other. Thanks for your help. I have talked to customer service, but they really didnt help.
  4. I didnt even know the 5002 would operate on 220. If that is so, Thats how Id like to run it. Soo. Does any body work here?
  5. Me too! I was thinking about buying another, I really like the weight and the features. The difference in sound was tremendous, pushing the same load. I actually was boosting the lows with the crossover, with the 6000 pushing them. I switched amps, same setup, with 6000 on tops. With this configureation, I had to lower the boost I needed for the 6000 on lows, and boost the level that the 6000 was pushing to the highs. I actually had to lower the input to the 5002 pushing the subs, as they were overpowering. I talked to a rep at crown, he keeps giving me short possibilites, but no solution. I didn't realize that the peak light on the 5002 was green, like the signal light. That kind of sucks. Either it has been peaking all this time or it never has, I really dont know!!!!
  6. Tonight, I tried the 5002 on the subs and the 6000 on the tops, only 1 T252+ cabinet per side. The 5002 had way more output than the IT6000. The 6000 did ok on tops, but I had to boost my crossover for it to keep up with the 5002 on subs. I hope that maybe my settings are wrong. That wouls really suck to have to try to sell that 6000 on ebay or something!
  7. Hi. I recently purchased a IT6000, and really like the features of the amp. I have thorouly read the manual, but still have some questions. I am using the amp to push 2 Electro Voice MTL1-X subs, stereo mode, the cabinets are showing to be 5ohms on the display screen. I moved the 5002, which was pushing the subs, to the tops. I am pushing 2 EV T252+'s per side, stereo mode. I put the switching amp on the subs for two reasons: More power I've read that switching amps were not as good on high frequencies. Should I put it on the tops? I think it would be overkill, considering the price I paid for it. I noticed the 6000 clipping last night, and in my opinion, it should not have been. The 5002 will push the same level, and I never see a blink of a red light. The clip light did not stay on, just short flashes on most of the drum kicks. Only pushing 1 sub per side(2 18's per side) in stereo mode should not be stressing the amp at the levels I am pushing it. This leaves me to believe that either there is something wrong with the amp, or I have it set up wrong. It is in stereo mode, dual input, but I have not gone into the other settings. I was searching for settings that might help me, but have been unsuccessful. ALSO! at the end of the night last night I went though the settings when the show was over, and there were none, but I found something strange: The impedance had changed. Channel one was now at 2 ohms and Channel 2 was at 6 ohms? Im puzzled, and you help is greatly appreciated! Thanks Daniel