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  1. Hello, i have been busy with my mechanic to find out what has caused the main power supply RBV5006 bridge failure of xti4000. the story goes like this: had the xti4k in 4 ohm bridge y input only input one used behind dbx dirverack when the 25 amp automatic breaker poped from the wall- must have been the backlash. we had some other electrical instruments attached also to the same 240 v line like the driverack. the amp was pushing two 8 ohm drivers in parallel and i know its not quite healty for these amps, but hey when it says 4 ohm stable i had to try it. when we tried to restart the device there were no boot and the inside breaker of the xti was intact. then we figured out that the mentioned RBV5006 bridge was broken and we replaced it - the amp was fine for about 2 hours when in use after the part replacement, when the amp just shut down. when i disconnect the amp from the power supply connector and leave it for a while it tries to start up but shuts down immediately after about 1 - 2 seconds. It is back to my mechanics, but was hoping to get some information about other components that should be checked in order to solve the culprit for good based on your wide experience with the device. Thank you for your great support btw! Raimo
  2. Hi - I am planning to repair the unit myself if possible. the amp is dead dead - not even a single light illuminates on the screen. is there some kind of instructions or any other way (like the usb) to diagnose the amp circuitry? Or do i have to dig in the old fashioned way? I understand the impedance graphs of drivers and was in a beliefe that amps are somewhat protected against this issue and can handle little lower impedance if it occurs. any how back to the problem. Any other tips ? thanks for quick answer
  3. Hello, I have bought this xti for about 8 years ago? actually dont even remember have had only 1 problem before with it, something about front lcd plate, but today I was doing one club a favor with a 2x18 inch sub that run on the xti 4 ohm bridge, there was a DBX driverack PA with limiters activated and jbl crown top active speakers on top, suddenly the main 3x16 amp power breaker poped from the other room- the sound was gone and after restarting the whole system, everything except the xti did come back to life - xti didn`t no smoke or anything but it just do not start. the main 20 amp 250 v white breaker inside the amp is OK... any help appreciated... BR, Raimo
  4. I have the same fault with my xti 4000 produced on 6/25/2007. Need help to with this.
  5. Hi i wonder that how much RMS values does the amplifier produce? are the watts given in program power or in RMS values? how much in reality can i take out from XTI 4000??? lets suggest that i have 2 RCF L18P300-s(both of them are 8 ohm speakers, so i would wire them parallel) do the 4 ohm bridge load will be enough for them??? the elements have 1 kw rms value and 2 kw of program power should i look the program power or should i look the RMS values? will this amp be enough for these drivers and how much power shall i get from the amp using this configuration???