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  1. Hello Charlie, No sorry, we do not allow members to start polls. Regards, Admin
  2. The M600 documentation is now available for download: Discontinued Amplifier Products Page
  3. o.k. just a friendly reminder to people posting in this thread here to keep this topic, on-topic. Let's also keep comments about Driverack products limited to how useful you do or don't feel it is for this original poster's application. The product is obviously well-established in the marketplace, and I'm quite certain designed with a certain type of user in mind. Let's keep the conversation limited to that sort of discussion. A broader discussion about Driverack gets out of the scope of this forum's intended purpose.
  4. Thank you for your question regarding policy about user-created tunings posted in this forum. Only user-created files should be posted here. Please visit the loudspeaker manufacturer's Web sites for official "factory" tunings files. Further, any user-created files posted here should NOT contain any proprietary information or data. If any information or data from a manufacturer used in the creation of files that are posted here must be openly available and not protected or proprietary.
  5. Please visit the tunings page on the JBL Web site for any speaker tunings they have available: Unless JBL recently updated the SRX700 Tunings, that file does not include any tunings for the I-Tech series of amplifers. I have been looking for the same thing for 2 months now. You would think that between JBL and Crown that these tunings would be available. They are for the Xti, why not for the I-Tech? Bryan This really is a matter best taken up with JBL, since they would be the company to design tunings for their loudspeakers. Crown and JBL do certainly work closely together, but official tunings originate from them since they are the loudspeaker designer and manufacturer.
  6. Please visit the tunings page on the JBL Web site for any speaker tunings they have available:
  7. Welcome to the new place to share control pages and presets you have created. If you have files you think others would benefit from, please post them here.
  8. Welcome to the new place to share tunings you have created. If you have loudspeaker tunings you think others would benefit from, please post them here.
  9. I can't answer your technical question, and since it's the weekend I don't know that any of the Crown technical staff will see your post before your show. But I can point you to the PS-8810 page on the BSS Audio web site, where you can find manuals and other literature. I hope this helps. PS-8810 page on BSS Audio site
  10. The manual is not yet available. It will be linked on the Macro-Tech i Series page, and also in the library area of the site, as soon as it's ready.
  11. Of course, we at Crown won't have any further comment about this until March 12...but feel free to discuss what you think this is about.
  12. The core of HiQnet System Architect is engineered by a central Harman Pro software team. The software architecture enables Harman Pro brands to develop plugins for their products which integrate seamlessly with the core application. System Architect is currently at version 1.6 and uses the Harman HiQnet protocol to configure and control the following products: AKG HUB 4000 Q Crown CDi series Crown 2-channel CTs and MA series amplifiers with PIP LITE, USP3 or USP3/CN installed Crown CTs 4200 USP/CN and 8200 USP/CN Crown DSi series Crown I-Tech series Crown XTi series dbx DriveRack? 4800 and DriveRack? 4820 JBL VerTec? DP series JBL VP series New in version 1.6: New AKG plug-in - enables offline configuration of the WMS 4000 series HUB 4000 Q with connected SR 4000 wireless receivers and IVM 4 in-ear monitoring devices and Custom Control Panel support Partial Venue File export - export a selection of devices and associated Custom Control Panels within an open Venue file to disk Venue File import - import a complete existing Venue File into the open configuration including all device configurations and Custom Control Panels Master Control Panels by channel - feature expanded to enable Master Control Panel creation at device channel level System Indicator Control enhancements - trigger a hardware contact closure output from configurable conditions met within the system Graphics Engine optimization - a graphics engine overhaul now offers a more responsive interface JBL VerTec? V4 DSP Preset Data updates Improved meter performance Improved parameter update speed Increased number of parameters supported by the multi-parameter fader control Click here to download HiQnet System Architect... View the full article
  13. From the XLS Series product page on the Crown web site: AC Line Voltage and Frequency Configurations Available: 120 VAC 60 Hz 100 VAC 50/60 Hz 220 VAC 50 Hz 230-240 VAC 50 Hz
  14. I looked into this and found that I had a permissions setting wrong for this area of the forum, and that was probably what was accounting for members not being able to download the attached pdf file. It should work for you now. My apologies, and let us know if you continue to have difficulty. And as Mr. Glass stated, the procedure given in that bulletin should be carried out by a qualified service technician ONLY.
  15. Hey all you fans of vintage Crown products, did you notice the new press release about the legendary DC 300 amplifier? Check it out, it's an interesting story including comments by the amplifier's inventor Gerald Stanley, Crown's Senior VP of R&D: Crown DC 300 Enters TECnology Hall Of Fame