February 10

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February 10, 2015

Crown Expands DCi Network Series Amplifier Lineup With Two New Models

AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands — HARMAN’s Crown Audio today announced it has added two models to the DriveCore™ Install (DCi) Network Series amplifier lineup with the introduction of its DCi 4|2400N, DCi 2|2400N and DCi 2|1250N power amplifiers. The new amplifiers incorporate HARMAN’s exclusive DriveCore technology to deliver high power output from a compact, energy-efficient form factor and offer extensive networked system control capabilities.

“The high-power amplifiers fill out our DCi Network Series amplifier line with channel configurations and power ratings that were unavailable before, including 2-channel and 4-channel models with 2400 watts per channel,” said Dan Saenz, Business Segment Manager, Crown Audio. “With the introduction of the new amps, Crown is now able to offer a complete range of DCi Network amplifiers for every networked installedsound requirement, from smaller house of worship, restaurant, bar or retail installations to large-scale applications requiring multiple channels of high power.”

Both the DCi 4|2400N and DCi 2|2400N deliver 1900 watts into 8 ohms, 2400 watts into 4 ohms and 2100 watts into 2 ohms. All power outputs are minimum guaranteed power ratings – Crown DCi amplifiers are guaranteed to deliver at least their rated power over a longer period of time than any competing amplifier. In addition, the ampifiers offer direct drive “constant voltage” capabilities for 70Vrms and 100Vrms amplification without the need for a step up transformer, yielding higher audio quality and delivering their full rated power output in distributed audio applications.

Crown DCi Network Series amplifiers offer comprehensive networked monitoring and control capabilities via their primary and secondary Ethernet ports. The ampifiers are compatible with HARMAN’s HiQnet Audio Architect™ system setup and control software and utilize TCP/IP-based protocol in HiQnet for network monitoring and control. All the amps offer BLU.ink compatibility with a low-latency, fault-tolerant digital audio bus, capable of routing 256 channels using standard Cat5e cable over a distance of up to more than 300 feet between devices.

Like all Crown DCi Series amplifiers, the DCi 2|2400N and DCi 4|2400N incorporate HARMAN’s proprietary DriveCore amplifier chip for powerful, highly efficient operation from a lighter-weight, installation-friendly 2RU form factor. The ultra-compact Class D PWM DriveCore circuitry combines the amplifier driver stage into the power output stage along with additional audio-signal functions.

Both amplifiers provide networking and control features to ensure reliable operation, including continuous load monitoring, comprehensive error reporting, pilot tone monitoring and programmable general purpose input/output (GPIO) ports. The amplifiers also offer DSP features including LevelMAX™ limiters for the inputs and outputs with thermal limiting, an input compressor, input and output delay, input and output EQ, built-in crossovers and a built-in signal generator.

The amplifiers incorporate an exclusive Power Factor Corrected (PFC) universal power supply that is designed to deliver maximum power and the most efficient operation in any country, and their universal AC input accepts voltages from 100 – 240 VAC, 50/60Hz (+/- 10%). The amplifiers’ cooling system focuses the airflow on where it’s needed most, minimizing heat and noise. Crown DCi Network Series amplifiers are built for the most demanding conditions of professional use and carry a 3-year, no-fault fully transferrable warranty.

February 03

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Harman regent email

February 03, 2015

Worth the Wait: LA’s Regent Theater Is Reborn With HARMAN Professional Audio System

LOS ANGELES, California — All things come to those who wait, as Mitchell Frank can attest. Owner of the newly revived Regent Theater in downtown Los Angeles, it took Frank almost 10 years of dreaming about it, acquiring a long-term lease for it in February 2012, then waiting through 19 months of construction before the Regent finally reopened last November as a premier venue in LA’s reemerging downtown music scene. Originally built in the 1920s, the 1,100-capacity venue has been renovated with an eclectic combination of preserved historic architectural details and up to the minute furnishings and amenities – including a HARMAN Professional audio system based around JBL VTX Series line arrays and Crown I-Tech HD Series amplifiers.

Frank took an unusually hands-on approach in the sound system upgrade – in fact, the system install was done in-house, without the services of an outside contractor. Frank relied on the help of JBL’s Paul Bauman, but already had a clear vision of what he wanted for the Regent, having worked for many years as, among other things, a concert and event producer and currently owner of Spaceland Productions. “I’ve always been a fan of the VERTEC® line arrays. When I first learned about the top of the line JBL VTX Series I knew we wanted to be first in line to have the rig installed here.”

The Regent Theater’s VTX complement includes six V20 line array elements and four STX 828S dual-18-inch subwoofers on each side of the stage, augmented by four JBL AC26 2-way compact speakers for front fill, two PRX735 3-way full-range speakers used as side fills and an even dozen VRX915M 2-way 15-inch stage monitors. Six Crown I-Tech 4x3500HD amplifiers power the main left/right line arrays, three Crown I-Tech 12000HD amps drive the subwoofers and four I-Tech 4x3500HD amps handle the stage monitors.

The Regent has a main floor that slopes to the stage and a newly built second-floor mezzanine level and Frank finds the VTX arrays deliver wide, even, controlled coverage to both levels. “The VTX line arrays are relatively compact, but really powerful and clean and it’s amazing how much space they can cover, and do it so well. We did not have to install separate speakers for the mezzanine.” Frank notes the Regent hosts an eclectic variety of music and the speakers, subs and amps can go from pounding yet completely undistorted deep bass on the venue’s dance music nights a to delicate, nuanced and sonically layered ‘high-fidelity’ presentation for acoustic-based acts.

The Crown amplifiers also helped to simplify the system design. “The I-Tech 4x3500HD is incredible. The amplifier’s built-in processing and ability to be matched to the VTX arrays and the stage monitors saved us space because the loudspeaker management technology is all in the amps. We didn’t have to add outboard hardware for this functionality and JBL HiQnet Performance ManagerTM software provides a great control and monitoring interface.”

Frank is doing some final fine-tuning of the venue with acoustic treatment. “We’re dampening up the room just a bit and just kind of tightening it up, but it’s been pretty much ready to go. We’ve had 10 shows already and everything sounds great.”

Paul Bauman noted, “The advantages of the HARMAN JBL VTX and I-Tech HD system really shine in applications like the Regent Theater. Until the advent of these products it would have been impossible to implement a sound system in this kind of venue that was this streamlined in configuration, yet could be so precisely fine tuned. The performance of the VTX/I-Tech HD system has immediately taken the Regent to being one of the premier music venues in LA.”

“The combination of VTX and I-Tech HD is like a one-two sonic punch,” Frank added. “It’s so clear, and each frequency range is nicely slotted and defined. With this JBL and Crown system, I finally feel like I’m in the 21st Century!”

January 22

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Crown xli series small email

January 22, 2015

Crown Ships XLi Series, Setting New Standard for Affordable Power Amplifiers

ANAHEIM, California — At NAMM 2015, HARMAN’s Crown announced it is now shipping its XLi Series, four models that set a new standard for entry-level professional grade amplifiers. The new XLi3500, XLi2500, XLi1500 and XLi800 are powerful, rugged and reliable and are well suited for a wide variety of live and installed sound applications.

The Crown XLi3500, XLi2500, XLi1500 and XLi800 deliver 1,000, 500, 330 and 200 watts per channel respectively (into 8 ohms; 2,700, 1,500, 900 and 600 watts in bridged mode into 8 ohms). All models feature user-selectable input sensitivity to accommodate a variety of program sources that have low output signals and include balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA inputs. XLi can be operated in stereo, parallel or bridged-mono mode and provides binding post and speakON output connectors to facilitate use with virtually any type of passive PA speakers.

All four amplifiers feature front panel level controls, signal presence, and clip and fault LED indicators. Like all Crown power amps, XLi Series models provide comprehensive protection against shorts, no-load conditions, and power on/off thumps. The amplifiers are also shielded against radio frequency interference to keep the sound quality pure, even in situations with a great deal of wireless activity.

“Our XLi Series power amps bring the exceptional sound quality and bulletproof construction Crown is known for to more attractive price points,” said Craig Lambrecht, Business Segment Manager, Crown Audio. “They’re ideal for musicians, bands, DJs, dance clubs, bars, houses of worship and other situations where affordability is important, without compromising on performance or reliability.”

All Crown XLi amplifiers feature a one-year, no-fault, fully transferable warranty.

Crown XLi Series amplifiers have MAP pricing as follows: XLi3500, $649; XLi2500, $399; XLi1500, $299; XLi800, $229.

January 20

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Crown module drivecore chip email

January 20, 2015

Crown Audio Announces “EMPOWER by Crown” Amplifier Program With Elite Consumer Electronics And Custom Integration Manufacturers

ELKHART, Indiana — HARMAN’s Crown Audio today announced EMPOWER by Crown, a new embedded amplifier program to provide third-party active loudspeaker manufacturers of elite consumer electronics (CE) and customer integration (CI) finished product with special access to the Crown Audio portfolio of amplifier technology. Built on Crown’s proprietary DriveCore™ platform, all Empowered by Crown Amplifiers are designed for integration into virtually any loudspeaker configuration and application and provide the same industry leading performance that is synonymous with Crown.

As the world’s largest and most sophisticated designer and manufacturer of premium amplification technologies, Crown Audio has developed a vast array of patented technologies for professional and consumer applications. Now, having successfully proven many of these ideas in its own offering and those of its sister brands within HARMAN’s professional, automotive and consumer businesses, Crown Audio is making select platforms available to premium third-parties seeking to integrate the platforms into their CE and CI offerings.

“At Crown Audio we’re continually working with partners within the HARMAN fold but also with third- party brands in the automotive, professional and consumer domains. Today, for the first time ever, we have formalized this business reality into a business initiative so that we can provide current and select new partners with the appropriate depth of support,” stated John Fitzgerald, Vice President and General Manager, Amplifier and Signal Processing, HARMAN International. “In doing so, we provide premium partners with the highest levels of innovation coupled with concierge-grade integration and support; we provide our stakeholders with additional value, and we provide our engineering teams with new opportunities to express their innovation leadership.”

The first EMPOWER by Crown amplifiers offer power points from 75W up to 2x750W continuous and 2x1000W burst @ 2 ohms. All Empower by Crown Amplifiers boast industry-leading voltage and current drive capability; ultra-low distortion (<0.1%) and noise (>110dB S/N). Empower by Crown Amplifiers are EuP compliant, and feature an integrated power supply, plus aux DC supply for input cards and networking options.

Driving Crown’s capabilities to deliver customized solutions is its Elkhart, Indiana-based cellular manufacturing facility, which was recently redesigned to decrease time-to-market for new product development as well as a new 50,000-square-foot HARMAN Technology Center in Salt Lake City, Utah that opened earlier this year and houses the company’s Corporate Technology Group responsible for leading company-wide R&D.

An example of innovation now being deployed across multiple products is Crown’s DriveCore technology. The DriveCore chip, co-developed with Texas Instruments, combines the amplifier drive stage into the power output stage circuits that are typically much larger in size and power requirements. As a result, power consumption is dramatically reduced and the amplifiers are far more energy-efficient.

Ideal for confident deployment in high caliber powered speakers, Crown Embedded Amplifiers will feature an integrated protection suite including Clipping, Temperature, Shorted/Failed driver, over-current, AC mains over/under voltage that is managed locally through Drivecore.

All EMPOWER by Crown Amplifiers are backed by Crown’s unrivaled technical expertise and concierge-grade integration and support.

“We don’t expect to have solutions to fit every manufacturer’s product mix, idea or particular challenge but when Crown Audio does partner with a third-party we want that partnership to be comprehensive and valuable,” Fitzgerald added. “I am confident that this formalization of our program and the institution of support will lead to new, fruitful and long-standing relationships and exciting, successful new products.”

January 05

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Namdhariav email

January 05, 2015

Hyderabad-based Namdhari AV Adds HARMAN Professional’s JBL VTX Line Arrays and Crown I-Tech HD Amplifiers to its Inventory

HYDERABAD, India – Namdhari AV is one of India’s leading audio/video rental companies, having provided sound, lighting, staging, exhibit design and other services for a number of the country’s biggest events and concerts since 1982. Continuing their commitment to providing clients with nothing less than the very best, Namdhari AV became one of the first companies in India to purchase a complete HARMAN Professional JBL VTX Series line array system, along with Crown I-Tech HD Series amplifiers.

Namdhari AV recently made the decision to upgrade its rental and tour sound inventory and has already had great success with JBL VERTEC® line arrays and Crown I-Tech HD amps at events like the Bharatiya General Party campaign for the 2014 Indian general election and many others. “It was only logical to make the move to a JBL VTX and Crown system after considering all options and brands,” said Gurmukh Singh, owner of Namdhari AV.

“It was apparent to us that VTX is becoming the new international standard in line arrays and we wanted to bring this standard-setting performance to India,” Singh continued. “Equally important, we knew we could rely on HARMAN Professional India unequivocally for sales, engineering and product support.”

Namdhari AV purchased 18 JBL VTX V25 fullsize line array elements, 12 S28 subwoofers and six G28 ground-stackable subwoofers, along with accessory kits for transporting and covering the speakers. The company also added Crown I-Tech 12000HD Series amplifiers to power the loudspeakers and subs. “A big part of the extraordinary performance we’re getting from VTX is the implementation of the V5 presets on Crown I-Tech HD amps that optimize V25 performance,” Singh pointed out.

The VTX V25 is a true 3-way system design featuring JBL’s proprietary D2 Dual Diaphragm Dual Voice Coil compression driver, which delivers dramatically increased high-frequency sound pressure levels and power handling with greatly reduced distortion. The V25 employs two 2267H 15-inch Differential Drive woofers, four 2169H 8-inch ultra-linear midrange transducers and three 2430K D2 dual drivers. Its Radiation Boundary Integrator (RBI) waveguide provides a more seamless transition between the high-frequency and midrange drivers and its S.A.F.E. suspension system provides improved hardware that enables faster and more secure rigging.

Namdhari AV has wasted no time putting its new VTX system to the test at high-profile events like the 2014 Navratri festival in honor of Goddess Durga, which drew more than 20,000 attendees, and the HUM HAIN Umeed-e-Kashmir benefit concert.

“We are extremely happy to have brought the V25 aboard,” said Singh. “It’s more powerful, more efficient, is easy to use and install and has been totally reliable. Sonically and technically, it is a flagship product. It’s just what we need to handle bigger venues and offer even more value to our clients.”
“This is an exciting new development in the Indian pro sound market,” said Sundar Raj Thaddeus, National Sales Manager – Tour Sound, HARMAN Professional India. “We have worked with Namdhari AV for many years and their progress in the tour sound industry has been impressive to witness. Stepping up to the new JBL VTX and Crown I-Tech HD system is a logical next step in their advancement as one of the region’s leading audio providers.”

December 30

Harman acousticlight email

December 30, 2014

HARMAN Professional Powers Italian Digital Audio Training Session At Acoustic Light

PERUGIA, Italy – The main audio integrator within its local region in Italy, Acoustic Light recently completed a successful acoustic training session featuring new audio products from HARMAN Professional. By using Soundcraft consoles, JBL loudspeakers, Crown amplifiers, AKG microphones, Lexicon digital effects processors and BSS signal processors, Acoustic Light showcased the latest digital audio technology for a variety of applications.
Participants at the event included sound engineers, musicians, and other audio service providers. For the training session, Acoustic Light used a Soundcraft Vi3000 console with a Stagebox, a Soundcraft Si Expression 3 console with a Compact Stagebox and a Soundcraft MH3 console (48 channels) with an analog Stagebox.
“The Soundcraft consoles were invaluable in improving the participants’ understanding of the various audio products in the signal chain,” said Stephan Luthi, owner of Acoustic Light. Everyone obviously loved the Vi3000 and wanted to take it home, but the Si Expression also has a nice learning curve due to its simple layout. Since most people at the event were accustomed to analog consoles, being able to compare the MH3 with the digital consoles side by side definitely opened up a new world for them.”
Also featured were JBL PRX715 and SRX700 loudspeakers, Crown I-Tech 4000 amplifiers, AKG C 414 LTD and C 451 B microphones, Lexicon PCM81 and PCM91 digital effects processors, and BSS AR-133 and FCS-960 signal processors. These products allowed Luthi to explain the basic concept of audio design to the musicians while showcasing advanced features for the engineers.
“We chose these products to show participants how to properly tweak the system and position the microphones in a way that will enhance the intended sound, rather than inhibit it,” said Luthi. “Overall, everyone was impressed by the quality of the products offered in their price range.”
For more information on Acoustic Light, please visit www.acousticlight.it

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Flag Systems Delivers Balanced SPL to HARD Summer Festival with HARMAN’s JBL VTX Line Arrays and Crown I-Tech HD Amplifiers

Oct 23, 2014
Deluxe Toronto Demonstrates Commitment to World-Class Quality, Outfits New Facility with HARMAN’s JBL M2 Master Reference Monitors, Crown Amplifiers and BSS Audio Processing

Oct 21, 2014
Acoustic Light Turns New Page With HARMAN Soundcraft Vi3000 Console

Oct 16, 2014
JBL Line Arrays and Crown Amplifiers Provide Soundtrack for Hungarian Summer Festivals

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Studio Gear of Milwaukee Keeps On Growing With HARMAN’s JBL VTX Line Arrays and Crown I-Tech HD Amplifiers

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Crown and BSS Audio Are At Center Court In Wimbledon Audio System Upgrade

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DL Sound & Lighting Productions Gives Butchart Gardens Great Sounds for the Summer with HARMAN’s JBL VTX Line Arrays and Crown I-Tech HD Amplifiers

Sep 23, 2014
JBL and Crown Take The Pohoda Music Festival to New Heights

Jul 31, 2014
Power Music of Denmark Takes Newly Purchased HARMAN’s JBL VTX Line Arrays and Crown I-Tech HD Amplifiers to ABC Beach Party

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