CM Series

The CM Series of condenser microphones by Crown offer exceptional quality at truly affordable prices. With application-specific microphones, ranging from professional-grade headworn microphones to critical-response microphones for the most demanding recording applications, the CM Series can fit most any microphone need. Types includehand-held, headworn, hanging, or stand-mounted.

With innovations such as Crowns patented Differoid technology, the CM series combines years of technical know-how with durable, high-quality materials and workmanship. These qualities are direct contributors to the successful performances of our customers, and a primary reason for the success Crown enjoys today.

Used by world-renowned artists such as Garth Brooks, Britney Spears and Janet Jackson, the Crown CM-311A Differoid microphone is the headworn microphone of choice for the live-performance industry. Featuring clear, crisp vocal performance in a lightweight package, this microphone signifies the quality and performance value of the Crown CM Series of microphones.

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CM-30 Supercardioid condenser choir microphone with an electronics module that fits in an electrical outlet box.
CM-31 Supercardioid condenser choir microphone with an XLR connector.
CM-200A Handheld cardioid condenser microphone for stage vocals, instruments. Smooth, articulate sound.
CM-311A Popular Differoid headworn microphone. Cardioid, noise canceling. Extremely high gain before feedback, excellent sound quality. XLR connector on battery/phantom belt pack.CM-311AE is unterminated for use with a wireless microphone transmitter of your choice.
CM-312AE Lightweight headworn hypercardioid microphone  with smooth, articulate sound. For situations where gain-before-feedback is less critical. The microphone is unterminated for use with a wireless microphone transmitter of your choice.
CM-700 Cardioid condenser microphone with flat response for professional recording and sound reinforcement.