SINGAPORE - August 2003 -- Electronics and Engineering Pte Ltd (E&E Pte Ltd) recently installed the audio-visual system in the Anglo-Chinese School's (ACS') new campus. They specified Crown MA-2402, MA-3600VZ, CE 1000, CE 2000, and CE 4000 amplifiers for the project. Working with Singapore's leading audio consultancy company, Acoustics Consultants Pte Ltd, E&E installed systems in three venues: the Concert Hall, Drama Theatre and Auditorium. 

With a seating capacity of more than 880, the Concert Hall (designed for a variety of choral and musical recitals) features three clusters of JBL SR4735XF three-way loudspeakers and SR4719X subwoofer configuration. Each unit is soffit-mounted above the stage fronting the audience. Another four units of SR4735XF three-way loudspeakers are mounted at the mid-hall area. To provide additional reinforcement, eight Control 28s are placed below the gallery while four Control 25s are installed in the dressing rooms. The entire system is powered by the Crown MA-3600VZ and the Crown CE 2000 amplifiers. To provide the necessary fold-back, four Crown CE 2000-powered JBL MR902s are engaged together with the use of a Rane GE60. 
A slightly smaller venue, the 280-seat Drama Theatre (used for mainly theatrical performances) also boasts a similar JBL system design, which includes three units of SP222 with two units of MP418S subwoofers. Mid-hall loudspeakers are five JBL Control 28s while four Control 28s are installed below the gallery and two more units of Control 25s are placed in the dressing rooms. The entire system is powered by three Crown MA-2402s, two CE 2000s and a single CE 1000. The venue features the same foldback system as the Concert Hall. 
Catering to speech-related and other multi-purpose events, the 1200-seat Auditorium is the largest performing venue. To achieve optimum coverage, two clusters (each made of a JBL AM4215/64 mounted on top of an AM4215/95) are placed above the stage from a height of nine meters. Four Control 29AVs are placed under the balcony while three more units are placed above the balcony area as the distribution system. The entire loudspeaker system is managed by the dbx480 loudspeaker management processor and powered by three Crown CE 2000s and two Crown CE 1000. 

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