MB Series

Featuring an incredibly small size, the MB Series of mini-boundary™, supercardioid microphones from Crown offer a wide range of features and flexibility. The miniature, low-profile designs virtually disappear when installed, yet provide the same great sound as our highly-acclaimed PCC microphone series. Best of all, the MB Series provides substantial savings compared to traditional microphones.

Designed with the help of leading audio consultants and contractors, the MB Series is a comprehensive system of microphones and electronics that's perfect for a wide range of applications. Comprised of five microphones, three that work with our innovative MB interfaces and two that operate in a traditional stand-alone manner. The MB System lets you mix and match microphones as needed for multiple configurations.

Designed to accommodate up to four microphones, the MB-100 interface provides four separate inputs, outputs and programmable switching connections. With easy-hookup Phoenix connectors and a low profile, the MB-100 interface mounts quickly and conveniently beneath a tabletop.

All MB System microphones feature a surface-mounted supercardioid capsule for extended reach and clarity. Each microphone also features a built-in red LED that illuminates when the microphone is active.

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MB-1 Just 1.3 in. wide! The low-profile MB-1 features a 1/4-in. stereo phone plug for quick insertion and removal from the supplied insert. The insert, featuring a black anodized aluminum finish, can be permanently installed, and includes a black dust cap for use when the microphone is removed. In combination with an MB Interface, the MB-1 can be programmed for multiple switching functions.
MB-2 This tiny, (less than 1 x 1 in.) removable microphone features a -in. stereo phone plug for quick insertion and removal from a standard contractor-supplied jack. Like the MB-1 and MB-4E, it features multiple switching modes when used with an MB Interface.
MB-3 A stand-alone unit with a built-in electronics package, the low-profile MB-3 mounts easily into tabletops, walls or ceilings. It uses a standard male 3-pin XLR-type output and comes with a locking security ring.
MB-4 The MB-4 is a mini rectangular microphone is designed for stand-alone use and comes with a 15' cable. All required electronics are contained within the male 3-pin XLR-type output. The cable may be positioned to exit either the bottom or rear of the microphone.
MB-100 Interface Designed to accommodate up to four microphones, the MB-100 Interface is a low-profile electronics package easily mounted beneath a table-top. It works with current MB-1, MB-2 and MB-4E (MB-4E discontinued) microphones and provides four inputs, four outputs and four remote switch inputs. Each switch input can be programmed for either push-on/off, momentary on, or momentary off operation. In the off position, the MB 100 interface provides 70 dB attenuation at the microphone output ensuring absolute quiet even when multiple microphones are in use.