DBC™ Network Bridge

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Product Overview

At the heart of a Digital B-Chain™ system, the Crown DBC Network Bridge allows you to distribute multiple channels of digital audio over standard fast Ethernet hardware and cabling for use in traditional, e-cinema and d-cinema applications.

Product Details

The DBC Network Bridge accepts standard analog and/or AES digital audio and CobraNet™ digital channels from other Cinema processors (Dolby®, DTS®), Cinema Servers, or Alternative Content Media Players; and bridges them to a Crown DBC network. This network is Crown’s proprietary “Single-Click” solution that provides system control, monitoring, and digital audio transport. The DBC network (fed by the DBC Bridge) distributes the digital audio and system-wide control protocol to Crown amplifiers. The DBC Network Bridge also provides the necessary system equalization, which is stored and recalled via a series of presets for use in both feature film and alternative content programming.


Accepts 8 inputs (7.1 surround) via one of the following formats: Analog, AES/EBU, or CobraNet.  Selectable mic or line auxiliary analog XLR inputs for alternative content.


Primary and Secondary 100mb Ethernet Single-Click connection for DBC network


Front-panel LCD display and control functions of internal presets and system setup, multiple-function control port for third-party automation/control, internal clock/calendar for scheduling events, and auto leveling functions for dynamic volume control of auditoriums or lobby


Full 32-channel CobraNet digital audio transmit/receive capability


 Studio-grade DSP with multiple filter banks for each channel (up to 256 filters)


32 presets, 32 scenes, and 32 events can be stored, labeled, and recalled


Analog monitoring of cinema processor inputs, pre-amp, or post-amp signals



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